What does it mean by dream of 蜢?

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When the 蜢 is over, the density is too high, when the food is short, it will transform the living form, and the group is migrated. When you look for food to your new place, people stated that it is a locust.

Dreaming of 蜢, indicating that your career will have contradictory, you will be very worried. And therefore is deeply afflicted. It is also possible to warn you don't take risks. Dreams are also related to the hearts of the heart, lack of consideration, negligence, and meetings.

Dreaming of 蜢 is busy, means you have a tough task in your life.

Dreaming of large groups, not joy, indicating that you may have to infectious diseases, and you should be more careful.

Woman dreams of 蜢, indicating that you will fall in love with people with narrow heart, have a mental preparation.

The doctor dreams of the dragonfly, indicating that the place where you live will explode, and it is an ominous sign.

Businessman dreams of 蜢, indicating that the fortune is not good, I suggest you adventure when investing, otherwise it will break the money.

Young people dream of 蜢, indicating difficulties or dangers will come, need you to pay carefully, if necessary, take action.

Dream of dreams, means that some people try to cause you to pay attention, or something will stab.

Dreaming of climbing into the group, suggesting that you have caused mood because of the small things that are piled up.

Dreaming of eliminating the dragonfly, representing infectious diseases will be effectively controlled, life and property is innocent.

Dreaming that the places where the big group flying quickly can't see green, indicating that infectious diseases will spread rapidly, be careful to prevent preventive measures.

Dreaming that you kill the dragonfly, indicating that you will not be infected, you can prevent the disease very well.

Dreaming of catching, representing your purchase is good, we may buy discount items in the near future.

Dreaming of the crow, representing your business, or you will get an external helper to eliminate infectious diseases.

Dreaming of a large group of grasshopper hits you, then you should pay attention to traffic safety, if there is something, you may wish to discuss with your family, don't let your family worry about you.

What is the meaning of dreaming of 蜢?