What does it mean by dream? Dreaming 鹧鸪 interpretations.

Dream of dreams, what is the meaning of omen

China 鹧鸪, is a kind of bird, the body is like a chicken, and most of the feathers are mixed. Especially in the back and chest, the ophthalmic white spots in the abdomen is more significant. The smell of the meat is on the pheasant, it is a game. In addition, it is also a bucket.

Dreaming, it means that the heart is sorry, and the scorpion is screaming, symbolizing sorrow.

Dream of flying in the sky, meaning that all sorrow will be smoked.

Dreaming of flying from his hand, it means the failure of the lawsuit.

Dreaming of 鹧鸪 eats bugs, means living around, causing people to worry about themselves.

Dreaming of feeding the bug, it means that it is not exhibited by the loss of money.

Dreaming of putting 鹧鸪 into the cage, means losing due to their own mistakes.

Dreaming of putting it out of the cage, it means it from the perserate.

Dreaming of giving 鹧鸪 给 别人, means having to pay attention to his father.

Woman dreams of 鹧鸪, will and husbands respectively, and therefore, therefore.

The staff dreams, indicating that you have to blame small people.

The patient dreams of 鹧鸪, indicating that your health is not good, depending on the condition, remember to pay more attention.

Graduates dreaming of 鹧鸪, indicating that your job hunting is general, sensitive, sensational, sensational, and easy to react over, feeling is to analyze is not kind.

Workmans dreams, indicating that your work atmosphere has become nervous and independent, and often subject to others, it is easy to fall into the battle of small circles.

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