What does it mean by dream? Dreaming 蝼蛄 interpretations.

Dreaming of what to do what is meaningful

蝼蛄, also in Lara, Diva, is known as the soil dog in Sichuan.

Dreaming of 蝼蛄, pulling, Tulu dog, owners have something wrong.

The poor people dream of: implies that the dreams have bloody disasters.

Dreaming outside the window, indicating that it will get the help of your people.

The rich people dream of: means that they will be poor, relied on others.

Dreaming, the meaning of unknown, there is another explanation, which means that the news currently knows is not completely correct.

Real estate businessman dreams of 蝼蛄, pull, Tulu dog, it is best to check the origin of the house and the land, because the current information is fake.

The staff dreams, pull, Tu, Tu dog, have a very strange thing, for example, everyone knows, but the result of asking, there is no one! It is because you were bluff, They are also unpredictable.

The police dreams, pulling, and the pot, the representative fellow did not tell the truth, there is still concealed, the case is missing, such as the suspicion is designed, I don't know, and the provenance and Victims have related places.

Dreaming of the original li dream

Dreaming down. You have this dream, the main prison is a Thanksgiving; the rich is dreaming, the main is to eat; the poor will have this dream, the main month of the moon. \"Dream Lin Xuan\"

Dream of psychology Dream

Due to the main activities, dream experts believe that dreams, explanation Has been thinking about a question, until the night, just like 蝼蛄, still drilling in the underground.蝼蛄 They often drill into the earth, belong to underground agricultural pests. In the region of soil, the increments are in particular, and the activities are rampant. Under drilling, the roots of the bite, causing crops to death.蝼蛄 Mainly in the evening, the night is usually very quiet, so they often hear their snoring.

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