What Does Dreaming Of A Hooligan Portend?-Dreams Interpretation Online

Dreaming of a hooligan indicates that you are a person who never cares that he tramples on the interests of others in the pursuit of personal gain. This character of a man is evident only in his daily interactions with women.

To dream that you have become a hooligan suggests that you have disturbing impulses within you, a funny to give vent to the repression in your heart, to break through self-restraint, or the shackles of social moral laws and certain specific relationships, etc.

To dream that you are a hooligan forcibly undressing a woman may suggest an omen of imprisonment.

Pregnant women dreaming of a hooligan making a move on them, you should be very mindful of such things and be a person who knows how to love herself. You need to be protected and your husband should be able to give you enough security.

To dream of a very ugly man hooliganizing yourself implies that your heart funnys a handsome man to be a hooligan, but the real world covers itself up to maintain your image in your family, school, or leadership, and only shows your true self in your dream.

Dreaming of a hooligan touching your face foretells that you are more depressed and will be gloomy as a result, you need to make your own adjustments, happiness is up to you.

To dream of a hooligan touching your body implies that you will have a dispute over money recently and may start an argument with your best friend over borrowing money.

Dreaming that you were hit in the head by a hooligan symbolizes that you have poor health, physical discomfort, also to food poisoning or indigestion, and other digestive system diseases, be more careful.

A salaried person dreaming of seeing a hooligan touching his body represents that you have a lot of things to deal with at work recently, and the plan to be completed often needs to be adjusted and modified again and again because of some small details, which will also result in emotional performance, to adjust properly and think calmly about things, and will have a good harvest.

A single person dreaming of a hooligan touching his body, foretells good luck in love, to have enough self-confidence, expression ability is also good, in the choice of active confession is a good result, is a good omen.

Dreaming of being chased by hooligans foretells that you will be damaged in terms of interests, your competitors will be strong and your business will be damaged.

A woman dreaming of being chased by hooligans symbolizes that although your luck is bad, you will reverse your bad luck and become good, especially beware of diseases, especially in the uterus.

A worker dreaming of being chased by hooligans signifies that you have good luck, and together with your restrained attitude with money, you can expect to get the funnyd income. However, the closer you get to the end of the month, the more unexpected expenses, especially transportation and communication costs, tend to increase.

A married person dreaming of being chased by hooligans foretells that you are going away, but there may be obstacles on the way, it is better to cancel or postpone going out.