What Does Dreaming About Eyes Mean?-Dreams Interpretation Online

To dream of eyes represents the window that opens the heart and suggests the state of your mental health.

To dream of blue eyes indicates that you have a weak will and are physically weak.

To dream of gray eyes, reminds you that you may meet a relationship cheater, be more careful, and do not believe too easily in the fancy words of others.

To dream of brown eyes suggests that you are subconsciously a little worried about your own or others' prospects.

To dream of a pair of bright eyes represents that your inner world is full of joy.

To dream that you are blind represents that the development of your future will temporarily encounter some obstacles.

To dream that a loved one is blind implies that you will be healthy and your relationship with your loved ones will slowly improve nicely.

A woman dreaming of a man looking at herself with slanted eyes foretells that you are likely to lose your good name.

A woman dreaming that her eyes are blindfolded indicates that troublesome things are putting you in trouble and other people are unhappy with what you are experiencing.

To dream that your eyes are swollen but not painful means that your life will be full of sunshine and you will feel a strong sense of happiness.

To dream that dust gets into your eyes means you may lose something or encounter a thief, so be vigilant.

To dream that you have dust in your eyes means that the two of you will be opposed by your parents and elders in your love affair and that a love rival will appear soon and your relationship path will be subject to many ups and downs.

To dream of a pair of big eyes that seem to be staring at you closely foretells that in real life, someone is seeking an opportunity to hurt you.

To dream of big eyes indicates that you are about to have good news of love and you are about to embark on a sensational relationship.

A man in love dreaming of big eyes foretells that you may have a love rival and your lover may be taken away by someone else.