What does dreaming about being hit by a bullet mean? | Dream Interpretation

To dream of being hit by a bullet indicates that you will make progress in your career, or opportunities will come, which is a sign of strong fortune. Emotions can also be rewarded. Only by treating each other with sincerity can the relationship last for a long time. Don't force yourself in everything, and let nature take its course. If you have this dream, the dream is not going well, it is a sign of a lot of bad luck, and you will be deceived by others when you ask for money. Dreaming in spring is auspicious, but dreaming in winter is unlucky.

People who are looking for a job abroad dream of it, and go to the northeast to seek wealth. Those who cooperate well with others will have good fortune in each other's wealth. This is an auspicious sign.

A person with a delicate mind dreams of being hit by a bullet, which means good luck in wealth. If you ask for money, you will have good luck and help from others, which means that your career will improve. A sign of a smooth career and a stable life.

Dream of a single woman, a sign that the career is not going well. thriving.

A divorced man dreams of being hit by a bullet, which means that there is something emotionally unfavorable, and this dream is very troublesome.

A full-time wife dreams of being hit by a bullet, which means life will be unfavorable, and those who quarrel with others because of money matters will feel more troubled in life.

A married person dreams of being hit by a bullet, which means prosperity and peace, husband and wife are harmonious, encourage each other, and treat others with humility. Home and Antai mean seeking heirs. The meaning of settling in peace and letting go.

Old people dream of being hit by bullets, lung disease, throat disease, poor physical condition.

A person engaged in business matching, business negotiation and other related industries dreamed of being hit by a bullet, and went to the northwest to ask for money. This dream means that wealth luck will improve, and those who seek money should not act arbitrarily. Things.