What does bees mean in a dream?The meaning of dreaming about bees

Bees are human friends. The bee represents unity and hard work, and in the dream means friend. Dreaming of bees usually means that in order to achieve the goal, you must learn to persevere and overcome all obstacles. Sometimes, the bee in the dream also means a friend.

  • Officials dream of bees: It means that they will have submissive subordinates and a healthy environment.
  • The missionary dreamed of bees: It heralded that many new believers would join the rally.
  • The businessman dreamed of a bee: It indicates an increase in trade volume. The relationship with relatives will be better, the children will be very obedient, and their lives will be happier.
  • Dreaming of a cute little bee: It indicates that you will have a happy and relaxing life.
  • To dream of bees picking nectar: ​​It indicates that you will have good luck, beloved or won praise.
  • To dream of many bees: It indicates that you will get help from friends, work progress, and your career go smoothly.
  • To dream of bees surrounding yourself: It indicates that there may be friends who will get you into trouble, economic difficulties, difficult livelihoods, and possibly bankruptcy.
  • Dreaming of bees falling on your table and eating up the food on the table: It indicates that you will live a long life, but if you lack someone to take care of your future life, the heir may leave early.
  • To dream of being stung by a bee: It means that a close friend may betray or deceive you, and your fortune will decline. It is also possible that the opposite is due to the loss of friends due to a decline in wealth.
  • The patient dreamed of being stung by a bee: the body will recover soon.

Dream interpretation:

Seeing a bee in a dream often symbolizes danger, and of course, it also means tame and beneficial. If you are bitten by a bee in a dream, it indicates that you should beware of injury. If a swarm of bees attacks you, it indicates that you are ready to create a situation and situation that is difficult to control.


If the female bee, the queen bee, is involved in the dream, it shows your urgent desire and hopes to reflect "improvement and success" in any way. Perhaps it is a certain desire that already exists, and you can get support and assistance from others in the goal you choose. You know for yourself that you must work hard, immortal and regenerate.

Spiritual symbol:

a bee symbolizes order, immortality and regeneration.