What does a woman dream of well? Women dream of well interpretations.

What do women dream of well? Mutual understanding and trust, emotional relationships will be worse, and it will also have a negative impact on your life.

Women dream of falling into the well, indicating that your luck feels unclear in the near future, good luck is later than bad luck, and everything will not work on the spot. Essence

Women dream of playing wells, indicating that you have a good fortune in the near future, and usually represent a vigorous vitality and will continue to produce new things.

Women dreaming about others digging, indicating that your recent fortunes are not good and are not suitable for traveling, because there will be danger on the way.

Women dream of the rise of wells, indicating that your fortune is very good in the near future, and will soon go out. On the way, there will be difficulties, and patient handling will be fine.

Women dream of collapse, indicating that someone may vilify your reputation.

Women dream of drawing water from the well, saying that they will get happiness, or want to get some inspiration in the subconscious.

Women dreaming that the water level of well is very high, indicating that life is rich.

The water level of a woman's dream of well is particularly low, indicating that it may have to spend a period of difficulty.

Dreaming that the well water is full, indicating that the dream of the dreamer has a good fortune in the near future, and there may be an unexpected fortune in life.

A married woman dreamed of the water in the well, indicating that the dream of the dreamer was average in the near future, and it would be very hard to cause failure.

Dreaming of throwing the same thing into the well, and then hearing the sound of water splashing from the darkness below, indicating that you want to try to explore the urge to explore your subconscious.

Women dream of throwing stones in the well, indicating that you will encounter the object of your favorite, but also remind you to avoid dating in the sea, river, and lakes as much as possible to avoid accidents.

The woman of this year of life dreamed of well, which means that they can be safe, and less nosy. Do more about their own business.

Women who are doing business dream well, representing financial interests, a little hindered business, and defense.

The woman in love dreams of well, explaining that sex is difficult, and marriage can be achieved.

Women who are preparing for the exam dreamed of well, which means concentration of admission.

The pregnant woman dreamed of the well, indicating that there was a daughter, and avoiding the abortion of the soil.

The woman who planned to go out dreams that the change date is recommended.

The original version of Zhou Gong's dream of a woman's dream of well

Passing through the well to see the water, to the end of the letter. \"Zhou Gong's Dream Interpretation\"

Taojing, making well, the master is expensive. \"weekPublic Dream Interpretation \"

Dig well, the main name is up.\"Zhou Gong's Dream Interpretation\"

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