What does a woman dream of green onions? Women dream of green onion interpretations.

What do women dream of onions mean?

Scallion is also called: green onions, green onions, green onions, four seasons, and fine rice onions. The upper part is blue onion leaves, and the lower part is white. Dreaming of shallots, indicating that the dreamer will shrink recently, because there are too many meetings of friends and relatives, you should relax your mindset, just take emotional investment.

Dreaming of a small green onion indicates that the dreamers have their own set of ways in analysis and judgment. You prefer to make decisions with sensual and experienced judgments today.

A woman dreams of onions, and women who appear in men's dreams often represent their attitude towards sex, and women dream of women represent their superb ability.

A woman dreams of onions, and the friendship between friends has re -recognized feelings.

Dreaming of eating green onions indicates that everything goes well.

Dreaming of using green onions and reminding you that you should pay attention to your family's health, and there may be people who are sick.

Dreaming of planting shallots means self -tallest effort, hard work, and retreat (damage to wealth).

Women dream of getting the shallots and the uproot. Today, you are very accurate for interpersonal sensitivity. Whoever makes good people with who can be seen by you can use this kind of resources to help you achieve things to achieve things. Essence

Dreaming of picking green onions on the road and revealing the truth of the incident, the secrets of the former may be leaked in inadvertent conversations. Those ideas in their hearts have an important status.

Dreaming of selling green onions is a sign of strong business.

Dreaming of planting a lot of shallots, indicating that your efforts will be gained.

Women who do business dream of onions, representing Chunzhan Fortune, Xia Zhan is not good for wealth.

Unmarried women dreamed of onions, indicating that they re -talk about the concept and marriage.

Middle -aged women dreamed of onion, which means family storm, separation of husband and wife, and uncomfortable children. Multi -line.

Pregnant women dreamed that they would eat green onions, indicating that the children born will be smart.

The woman in love dreamed of green onions, indicating that after three years of test, there was a result and a complete marriage.

The woman of this year of life dreams of green onions, which means that as long as they have confidence, their own nobles help each other, they can be safe and smooth.

Women dream of the original 's dream interpretation

Dream Scallion, Ji. Onion is the homophonic of Sat. Dreams, deaf people have to smell the sound, and the child who produces will be smart. The Lord had a warehouse and was anxious to travel. If you operate the vendor, wealth abandon profit, and the name is calm. \"Menglin Xuan Jie\"

Dream and onion vegetables, the omen of the main wealth and prosperity. \"Secretary of Dream Broken\"

What are the signs of a woman dreaming of green onions?