What does a woman dream of goose mean? Women dream of geese interpretations.

What do women dream of goose mean?

Dreaming of goose on the grass at will, implying that you expect to achieve significant results in your career. Dreaming of white goose: Life will start busy. It will run east -west for the entrustment of people, and there is no time to rest. But helping others is happy.

The appearance of geese in dreams is the meaning of travel and tranquility.

Young people dream that goose shows that his fiance (wife) is a person worth cherishing.

Dreaming of the goose is flying, implying that you may have an unexpected trip recently.

Dreaming of a group of geese soaring, indicating that your personal life or occupation will change.

Women dream of being bitten by goose and bleed. In the past two days, you have an intuitive experience, good things and bad things can guess.

A woman dreams of a lot of goose chasing me, recognizing the importance of knowledge, things that have not been completed in the past two days, think about it, many are related to the lack of your knowledge and skills! [[[[[[[[[[[[[[ 123]

Dreaming that goose swims leisurely in the water, indicating that your life is peaceful.

Dreaming of a pleasant event on the green ground shows that you will achieve good results in your expectations.

Dreaming of a group of geese is playing, indicating that your family's wealth accumulation is increasing.

Dreaming of the goose is calling, this is a rumor that you want to distinguish between non -black and white, do not trust the spread of spreading.

Dreaming of the goose is desperately crying, but it makes you very panic, this is to remind you that there may be unpleasant things at home.

Dreaming that goose is sick, there is no meciotic. Holding your head down, this implies that you may suffer setbacks in love, which makes you sad.

Dreaming of dead geese everywhere, implying that you may suffer a lot of losses. Dreaming that a large group of geese are dead, suggesting that you will suffer a lot of losses, and your mood will be depressed.

Dreaming of your choice of goose, implying that you will have a property inheritance.

Dreaming that you are eating goose meat, implying that people will cause some controversy to your property, and it implies that you will get sick soon.

The woman of this year of fate dreams of geese, which means joy, double joy, confidence, and wealth.

The pregnant woman dreamed of the geese, indicating that there was a daughter, and the winter was male.

The woman in love dreamed of geese, indicating that there must be results in grasping the opportunity to proposes the time, and marriage can be achieved.

Women who are doing business dream of goose, representing the industry that is good for women and is not conducive to men. Lost.

What are the signs of a woman dreaming of goose?