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What does a dead cat symbolize in a dream?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of a dead cat indicates that your interpersonal relationship will change. It may be that some friends are a little alienated from you, or some friends suddenly left.

The businessman dreams of a dead cat: It indicates that when your competitor is competing with yourself, because of his reasons, it has caused mismanagement and the capital cannot be turned and declared bankruptcy.

A married person dreams of a dead cat: It indicates that you have something to go away recently, but it is not a good thing, it is best to cancel.

To dream of a dead cat indicates that there will be a crisis in recent things, and you must be careful.

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Dreaming that the cat is dead: It means that you are a little depressed recently. It may be that you are obsessed with some things and cannot get rid of yourself. It is recommended to take a walk and adjust your mood.

A pregnant woman dreams that the cat is dead: it indicates that she will give birth to a boy, and beware of fetal gas.

The person preparing to get married dreamed that the cat was dead: It means that there is a lack of communication between you, and your views are different, and you will not get married in the end.

The entrepreneur dreams that the cat is dead: it means that your career will be hindered. It is recommended that you do not quarrel with others and let your luck gradually improve.

The person preparing for the exam dreamed that the cat was dead: it means that they can be admitted but failed to enter the ideal school.

Those who plan to go out dream that the cat is dead: suggest postponing the departure.

Psychological advice

You have performed very well in all aspects in the past two days. You will sweep away the previous decline and give people a feeling of excitement. These two days are also a good opportunity for you to solve problems left over from history.

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