What do dreams of teeth symbolize?

Dreaming about teeth usually indicates that you will encounter difficulties and need to work hard to conquer.
Dreaming of growing out of tiger teeth, indicating health and safety, perhaps awkward life will be too comfortable, may wish to strengthen exercise.
The patient dreams of growing new teeth, indicating that the body will recover.
Farmers dream of tooth extraction, which means that the harvest is in sight. Dreaming of a toothache, you will be able to make a fortune.
I dreamed that the teeth in my mouth were all gone, indicating that my identity may change.
Dreaming of filling the teeth, indicating that you will receive good news.
I dreamed that someone was arrogant and open, and the teeth were horribly exposed. It may be a reminder to be careful when interacting with dreamers. If a man makes this dream, the person in the dream is the opposite sex with a thick lipstick. It may also imply a fear of castration or fear of the woman's vagina.
Dreaming of someone else's teeth may indicate that you will challenge others, create difficulties for your opponents, and overcome your opponents.
Dreaming of a toothache, indicating that you will make a fortune and live a prosperous life.
Dreaming of loose teeth suggests that you may trust someone who is not trustworthy.
The teeth that dreamed of falling out again, indicating that parents are healthy and safe, and that they are comfortable and rich in their later years.
Dreaming of brushing your teeth means that you may have trouble with your health. If you have cured the disease, you may have a relapse, which makes you very annoyed. At this time, pay attention to rest and cure the disease thoroughly. Jie Meng Daquan
Dreaming that you have set a gold tooth, be careful, it may indicate that there will be accidents and disasters, especially to beware of traffic accidents and physical illnesses.
Dreaming of swallowing teeth indicates that you may have a serious illness or suffer unfortunate pain.
Dreaming of a tooth, indicating that there is a possibility of conflict with others.

Dreaming that the teeth are half gone

Dreaming of growing new teeth is a good sign of love. There will be no friction between the two in the next three months.
Dreaming of counting your own teeth may indicate that you may encounter great difficulties and are difficult to conquer; or if your opponents are strong, you will be able to fight and be unable to do so.
Dropping teeth is a common dream, and there are several symbols. Usually it means that some important relationship will be lost. According to ancient Chinese viewpoints, it is possible to predict that "there is a funeral at home", reminding you to pay attention to the health of the elderly at home and try to avoid unsuccessful things happening. Therefore, it also indicates that you will assume more responsibility and become more stable and mature. If you are a person who often feels pressure in dealing with people, dreaming of missing teeth may also indicate that there will be quarrels with people, and interpersonal relationships will be in trouble. In addition, the loss of the teeth indicates that the difficult situation is about to pass, or the relationship is endless, and the relationship ends. Finally, it is possible that this dream only means that the teeth do have problems, don't worry.

Dreaming that the teeth of the husband, wife or lover are black, suggesting that the other person is unfaithful.
The old man dreams of growing new teeth, indicating health and longevity.
Dreaming that the teeth are broken, indicating that the current health condition is very poor, pay attention to the body.
Dreaming that your teeth are falling off means that you will have a quarrel with people or have a water disaster. Boating, surfing, swimming, fishing and other water recreation should be completely banned. Also be careful while doing other recreational activities. A woman dreams of tooth extraction, indicating that life will be rich.

Dreaming of missing teeth
In real life, many people have dreamt of having lost their teeth. In our country and the people of some countries in the West, there have been sayings that dreaming of missing teeth indicates that family members will have disasters. In the ancient Chinese book " Jie Meng", it is clear that the tooth is a symbol of "there is a funeral at home."

Of course, dreaming of missing teeth symbolizes that a loved one will have a superstitious saying of disaster. Freud clearly pointed out in his masterpiece "The Dream of Interpretation" that it is absurd and wrong to dream of losing teeth and symbolizing the death of someone at home. The correct explanation should be a symbol of psychological castration.

In the process of solving dreams, the author has encountered the dream of losing teeth many times and found that its meaning is various. Below I will summarize several popular symbols for your reference:

Dreaming of missing teeth is a pure sign that the teeth themselves are faulty.

The main source of dreams is physiological stimulation, so the meaning of some dreams is the physiological situation of direct response. For example, many people may have dreamed of finding a toilet in a dream, and most of them wake up to the bathroom. In fact, this is a dream caused by the bladder being swelled by urine. Therefore, dreaming of missing teeth may also be caused purely by physiological factors, such as lesions in the teeth or teeth.

Dreaming of missing teeth symbolizes a problem with interpersonal relationships.

The teeth grow in the mouth. As the saying goes, "tooth sputum" is to describe the person who talks very much when talking with others. Therefore, the teeth are related to the personal interpersonal relationship. If the teeth are lost, it may symbolize the person. There was a problem with the interaction.

Dreaming of missing teeth symbolizes wanting to lose weight.

One of the biggest functions of teeth is chewing food, and the teeth are gone. Its subtext is actually that it can't chew food, and why do people chew and refuse food? We know that obesity and eating are closely related, and teeth If you lose, then people must not eat more, so naturally they will lose weight. So dreaming of missing teeth also means that the dreamer himself feels too fat and wants to lose weight.

Dreaming of missing teeth symbolizes psychological retreat or growth.

The growth of the teeth is directly proportional to the age of the individual, so light can also be seen from the teeth. If someone dreams that his teeth are gone, that is to say, he may psychologically return to the age without teeth, this is undoubtedly a retreat, which symbolizes that when individuals face things, they use small children’s methods to deal with them. . Of course, in addition to this, the meaning of falling teeth and the loss of deciduous teeth, so now also the personal growth of the mind.

Dreaming of missing teeth, indicating that the original strong belief may be shaken.

Teeth are the strongest thing in our body, so it is also a symbol of solidity. And what is psychologically related to us that is connected with sturdiness? The answers are such as beliefs, traditions, values, worldviews, etc. So dreaming that the teeth are gone also means that our original belief system may be shaken.