What do dreams about flowers mean!

Dreaming of receiving a bunch of flowers means that the dreamer is rewarded for some aspect of his achievements.
Dreaming of picking up withered flowers is a bad omen, suggesting that dreamers will experience distress.
Dreaming of blooming flowers suggests that the happiness and happiness of the dreamer will revolve around themselves.
Dreaming that flowers are trampled, reminding dreamers to be safe when going out.
Men dream of picking flowers is a symbol of business prosperity and a symbol of career success.
Women dream of picking flowers, indicating that dreamers are happy and happy.
When dreaming of picking flowers, the flowers will wither in the hands, meaning that the dreamer's wishes cannot be realized, and they must bear the economic loss. The work should be cautious and cautious.
I dreamed that the flowers in my hand fell to the ground, suggesting that the dreamer might be sad because of something and disappoint.

 Flowers are hi, flowers always represent happy events, and in dreams are good luck and good fortune.

Dreaming about flowers means that you will always live happily.

I dreamed that the flowers in the garden had withered, indicating that the disaster was coming.

Dreaming that someone is destroying flowers is a sign of disaster

Dreaming of flowers is more beautiful, it is not bado.

Dreaming of flowers is a sign of good fortune, happiness and joy.

Dreaming of picking flowers, business is booming or family happiness, you will get good targets.

Dreaming of picking withered flowers is a bad omen.

When I dreamed of picking, the flowers were intact, but I was thankful when I got them, which means that my wishes could not be realized and the economy would lose money.

Dreaming of wearing a wreath is a sign of high rise.

I dreamed that someone would send a wreath to myself, indicating that marriage is happy and good at literature.

I dream of wearing a corolla and I want to be a regional leader.

I dreamed that the flowers in my hand would fall, and I would suffer from malaria.

When the patient smells the flowers in his dream, the body will recover.

Dreaming that someone will destroy the flowers will return to the disaster.

Dreaming that flowers are being trampled underfoot, disaster and death will come.

Dreaming of a bouquet means getting something and being lucky.

Lovers dream of a bouquet, love will be deeper.

When the lover dreams of a date, the bouquet falls and the relationship deteriorates.

Dreaming of the bouquet of flowers withered, the desire will not be realized, the love will be interrupted.

Dreaming that my mother-in-law will send flowers to you, I will receive a parcel from my loved one. However, if the flower is red, you may receive unlucky news.

Dreaming of smelling flowers, you will meet relatives who have not seen for a long time.

The following is a psychological explanation of the dream of flowers: flowers have always had the meaning of auspicious happiness, dreaming of flowers, it heralds joy and happiness.

Dreaming of beautiful flowers, whether it is grown outdoors or indoors, is a symbol of personal happiness, indicating that you will make good fortune and riches, and live happily.

Dreaming of blooming flowers indicates that your life is happy, happy and comfortable.

In the dream, I received a bouquet of flowers, symbolizing love and affection, indicating that you may get some results and be rewarded.

Dreaming of receiving the decaying and withered flowers suggests that you are expecting to fail, or to remind you that the goodness of others is actually distracting with selfish or sinister intentions.

Dreaming of picking flowers indicates that the business is booming, or the family is happy, and the pay will bring you back.

Dreaming that the flowers in your garden are all withered, you must be careful, indicating that there will be disasters.

The patient smelled the flowers in his dreams, indicating that the body was about to recover.

Dreaming of blooming flowers in the garden, if the flowers are bright and beautiful, it indicates happiness and wealth; if it is white flowers, it indicates sorrow; if the flowers are withered and fading, it indicates a situation of depression and disappointment.

The young woman dreamed of receiving a bunch of colorful flowers, indicating that many people would love her.

Dreaming that flowers are open in the barren land, without the embellishment of green leaves, indicating that you will encounter some sad and painful things, but in the end, because of your energetic and cheerful personality, you will be able to overcome the pain and regain Gain reputation and happiness.

If the color of the flowers can be clearly felt in the dream, then the different colors often have different meanings. For example, dreaming of bright and colorful flowers, representing the soul and sex. Red flowers sometimes have violent meaning, while blue flowers indicate self-denial. In addition, if the female dream clearly feels pink and white flowers, it means chastity and innocence, or spiritual purity. If you dream of the flowers falling into the grass, it may mean that the innocence has passed away.

Dreaming of picking up withered flowers indicates that you may have a period of unsatisfactory life, and you are distressed.

Dreaming that the flowers are withering, withering, or you are discarding the flowers, you may be warned that you should be modest and prudent to treat people, not arrogant, or you may be able to follow suit.

Dreaming of the brightly blooming flowers on the original branch, you reach out and pick it up, but when you get it, you will wither. Be careful, this indicates that you may have a desire to achieve it, or you will suffer economic losses.

I dreamed that the flowers in my hand fell to the ground, reminding you to pay attention to the body, you may get big glass

Dreaming that flowers are being trampled, or someone destroys flowers, it is best to reduce the number of outings, warning you that there may be disasters, and beware of harm for no reason.