What Do Dreams About Cats Mean?-Dream Meaning and Symbol

Cats often haunt our subconscious world. A cat symbolizes a certain characteristic of a person, or a certain kind of person, and is often a symbol of a woman. Cats are lazy, beautiful, and cute. They are a little selfish, a little temperamental, a little greedy, a little sleepy, and a little cunning, but they are still loved by people because they are perverse and compliant. But cats are servile, and the servility of cats is different from that of dogs. Dogs are loyal to their owners, while cats are not loyal to their owners. Therefore, dreaming of a cat means that your character will be criticized, resented by people, and the property was stolen.

To dream of a cat, if you fail to kill it or start it, it means misfortune. If a cat attacks you, your enemies will slander your reputation and cause damage to your property. But if you succeed in driving away from the cat, you will overcome great obstacles and eventually gain both fame and fortune.

Dreaming of a thin and dirty cat: Bad news will come from afar, and your friend will die soon, but if you drive away from the cat, your friend’s long-term stubborn illness may eventually be cured.

Dreaming of the cat-eating fish: It indicates that you have finally overcome all difficulties at work recently and tasted success.

The businessman dreams of a cat: He should concentrate on his work as much as possible because his competitor will succeed in breaking the rules of the transaction, he will have to take other measures, such as selling below the market price, and it may still be successful.

Dreaming of cats and snakes living together in peace: indicates the beginning of an angry fight. It also means that you use an enemy to listen to secret events about yourself, and you fool him; if he is not a reliable person, you will try to give up attention to his actions, because you are worried that things might leak out. Your private life will be exposed.

Dreaming of raising a cat: It indicates that you will gain money.

The patient dreams of raising a cat: it indicates that he will restore his health and get rid of the disease.

To dream of hearing cats screaming or meowing: Your so-called friend is using all his vocabulary and means to harm you.

Dreaming of a cat catching you: The profit you always wanted to make was successfully snatched by your enemy.

A young woman dreamed that she was holding a cat or a kitten: bad things done by others implicated her in a bad situation.

To dream of a clean white cat: It means a common thing, which will eventually damage your property and feel sad.

A woman dreams of raising a cat: It reminds you that something unexpected may come, unfortunately, or unexpectedly lucky.

A woman dreams of meowing: It is to remind you that a certain opponent has lurked in your love life, just like a cat, peeping at opportunities, wanting to compete for your boyfriend.

A woman dreams of a cat and feels that she loves the cat playing in her hand very much: it means that a happy romantic story will happen. If a man has such a dream, it indicates a crisis in love.

To dream of a cat climbing on a tree: It means that someone is instigating discord and saying bad things about you. You may get into trouble, be criticized, or held a grudge against you.

Dreaming of a cat crawling on your knees: It means that you have a very good relationship with your lover, or your lover who has always been indifferent to you has suddenly changed attitudes. Frequent appointments will surprise you. But pay attention to your body, and don't affect your health because of too much dating.

The cat in the dream is basking in the sun: It means that your days are safe, leisurely and comfortable, and even a little boring.

Dreaming of kittens playing with each other: It indicates that your love is not going well. Although you and your lover seem to be getting closer, the actual progress is very slow, making you a little anxious.

Dreaming of a cat playing a parrot: It implies that you can defeat your competitors and get the final victory.

Dreaming of a big cat walking with a kitten: It indicates that you are progressing smoothly in communicating with people, with many friends, and a happy party.

Dreaming of cat and mouse: remind you to be especially careful of being stolen and robbed.

To dream of a cat in the corner: It means that you may have hidden opponents in your work and life, and want to secretly destroy your family life.

Dreaming of an abandoned cat barking on the side of the road: It indicates that your income may decrease.

To dream of beating a cat: you will see through the scam of a liar and avoid being deceived. If you beat a cat for no reason, you will be an enemy of your neighbors. You should be careful of your words and deeds and maintain good neighbor relations.

Dreaming that the cat is messy and messy, or skinny, indicates that you will be punished for some of your reckless behavior.

Dreaming of a cat talking: It indicates that your enemy will soon attack you, reminding you to be more careful.

A woman dreams of a beautiful and fat little white cat: It indicates that others will set a trap to harm her and induce her to perish. But fortunately, to avoid accidents, she will eventually win with her wit, bravery and accurate judgment.

Dreaming of a lot of cats: It indicates that you should concentrate on doing things in the future, keep a calm attitude, and set goals for work and financial management. Don’t be too anxious, everything will be completed smoothly.

A man dreams of a lot of cats: It indicates that your recent work is under pressure and makes you more tired. It is recommended that you pay more attention to rest and adjust your mentality.

A woman dreams of a lot of cats: It indicates that you will have a conflict with your husband in the future. It is recommended that you should calm down when encountering problems, and don't quarrel about trivial things to avoid affecting your relationship.

A pregnant woman dreams of a cat: It indicates that you will give birth to a smart and beautiful boy in the future, which is a good omen.

A pregnant woman dreams of a black cat: It indicates that your recent fortune is not good, and you should be more careful in your life to avoid accidents. It is a bad omen.

A pregnant woman dreams of being chased by a cat: It indicates that you are more afraid of life during pregnancy. It is recommended that you maintain a good mood and welcome the arrival of your future baby.

A pregnant woman dreams of being bitten by a cat: It indicates that you are more suspicious in the future. It is recommended that you trust your husband more and maintain a cheerful attitude. This is very important for yourself and your baby.

A pregnant woman dreams of adopting a cat: It indicates that your wealth fortune will be reduced in the future, and you should be more cautious in investment. At the same time, you will get rid of the entanglement of the disease and you will recover soon.

A pregnant woman dreams of a cat barking, which indicates that you must travel carefully during pregnancy. It is best to be accompanied by a family member. Be careful in everything to avoid accidents. This is a bad omen.

Pregnant women dream of killing a cat: It indicates that you have a high chance of having a boy in the future. At the same time, you should pay more attention to the diet during pregnancy and pay more attention nutrition and health during pregnancy.

A pregnant woman dreams of a pregnant cat: It indicates that you are more worried about your baby's health. It is recommended that you adjust your mentality and shift your focus to things you usually like, to avoid overwork that is not good for you and the fetus in your abdomen.