What do dreams about body mean!

Dreaming that I am holding my body is a good luck, and I have good fortune. If the body smells bad, my career will be more prosperous.

Dreaming of hiding bodies, usually because of real life, there is a secret to be exposed, or a trouble that is difficult to get rid of; whether it is secret or trouble, they are full of lethality, enough to make you like all suspects in the world. Full of anxiety and fear.

I dream that I will be defamed or deceived by myself.

Dreaming of headless people or headless bodies, life will be crowded out by others, be careful to pay attention to your situation.

I dreamed of having a dead body in the coffin, and all the things that have achieved good results will make you satisfied.

I dreamt that the body in the coffin is only left with bones. The deeds of myself or myself will be reported by the news media, making you happy.

I dreamed of bloody wet blood on my body, and my words and deeds or achievements touched everyone.

I dreamed that the corpse rotted with a thick liquid, which meant that the cause was prosperous or that my own words were loud and fascinating.

I dreamed that the body was covered with cockroaches, and the ongoing work will usher in success and gain profits on property.
Psychological dreams

Dream commentary: Dreaming that the body is a good sign.

Psychological analysis: Dreaming that the body burns, the homework will improve, and the reading will rise. The reason is that you are working hard to learn, and your achievements will be greatly improved in the coming year. Dreaming of hiding a body is usually because there is a secret to be exposed in real life, or a trouble that is difficult to get rid of. Whether it is secret or troublesome, they are full of lethality, enough to make you feel like all the suspects in the world, full of anxiety and fear.