Top 20 Date Dreams Interpretation-Dream Meaning and Symbol

Pregnant women dream of dates: it is a good omen, which means that the family will increase the population.

A pregnant woman dreams of eating dates is a good omen, indicating that she and her child will be healthy.

A pregnant woman dreams of picking dates to eat: indicates that you will give birth to a boy.

Pregnant women dream of buying dates: a sign of mother and child safety.

A pregnant woman dreams of eating jujube is an unknown omen and needs to prevent accidents such as miscarriage.

Pregnant women dream of green dates: pay attention to regulating emotions.

A pregnant woman dreams of sending dates to others: indicates that the family relationship is harmonious.

A pregnant woman dreams of selling dates is a good omen, indicating that the mother and child are safe and everything will be smooth in the family.

A pregnant woman dreams of picking up dates is a good omen, indicating the possibility of pregnancy and childbirth in the near future.

Dreaming of dates: indicates that you will have a happy event or someone around you will get married.

Dreaming of picking dates: indicates that your business will expand and you will soon be successful.

Dreaming of eating jujube: reminds you that you may suffer from stomach problems and eat carefully.

To dream of eating sweet dates: means that thrift will bring you harvest.

The patient dreamed about eating dates: indicating that the body will soon recover to health.

Tourists dream of eating dates: to remind you that a car accident may happen on the road, so be careful.

The businessman dreamed of eating jujubes indicates that the business will expand and the business will develop greatly.

To dream of sending dates to others means that you will be loved by people because you are sincere and enthusiastic about helping others.

To dream of others giving dates to yourself: beware of your property or rights being invaded by others, and be vigilant.

To dream of selling dates: means that you will become a popular person.

To dream of sowing dates on the ground indicates that you or your family may be in trouble.