Top 19 Gourd Dreams Interpretation- Dream Meaning and Symbol

Dreaming of gourd: indicates that something bad will happen.

Dreaming of giving someone a gourd: You will find a solution to things.

To dream of someone giving a gourd: indicates a good partnership.

Dreaming of entwined gourd vines: you may encounter a series of bad things.

The patient dreamed of gourd: the condition would get worse.

The businessman dreamed of a gourd: business would suffer.

The prisoner dreams of a gourd: the sentence will be lengthened.

Travelers dream of gourd: rainy weather, delay the trip a few days later.

Those who go to school dream of a gourd: don't double: heartedly, you can be admitted if you concentrate on preparing for the exam.

A businessman dreams of a gourd: internal personnel discord, business is not going well, and loss is lost.

A person in love dreams of a gourd: an unstable mood, mutual trust, and marriage can be achieved.

A pregnant person dreams of a gourd: giving birth to a boy. Give birth to a daughter in summer.

A pregnant woman dreams of a gourd: is a good sign. This dream indicates that you are likely to have a baby boy and that the baby will become a celebrity in the future.

A pregnant woman dreams of two gourds: it indicates that she will give birth to twins or multiple births.

A pregnant woman dreams of buying a gourd: it indicates that you have lost a lot of money recently, which means that you will lose money.

Pregnant women dream of others giving themselves a gourd: indicating that you will have a quarrel with others recently, and you should learn to be patient.

A pregnant woman dreams that the gourd is broken: it indicates that you must pay more attention to it, indicates that the pregnant mother is in danger of miscarriage, and reminds you to pay more attention to caring for the baby, and to avoid danger.

A pregnant woman dreams of holding a gourd: it indicates that you are particularly looking forward to the arrival of your baby, and the daily worries are rushing, reminding you not to worry too much.

A pregnant woman dreams of a gourd blooming: it indicates that you are pregnant with a male baby, and the baby is healthy, which is a good omen.