Top 18 Nose Dreams Interpretation-Dream Meaning And Symbol

To dream of a nose is related to social status, reputation, etc. It also indicates male genitalia.

To dream that one's nose is very good-looking foretells that things will go well, one's status will rise, one's energy will be high, one's conjugal life will be happy, and it also reminds you to trust your intuition.

To dream that your nose is very ugly indicates that you may feel a lot of resistance at work, face setbacks and demotions, or have concerns about your sexuality.

To dream that your nose is growing taller implies that you will encounter troubles or get into trouble because of your status or reputation.

To dream that your nose is getting longer may indicate that you feel guilty in your heart for being dishonest, especially in the area of sexual unfaithfulness.

To dream that you receive a nose job predicts that your luck will get better and better.

To dream that you have lost your sense of smell foretells that your judgment or observation will become dull.

To dream that one's nose is dry, one should pay attention to one's health, implying that you may be sick.

To dream that your nose is painful foretells that you will encounter calamity or your reputation and status will be criticized, hurt, and threatened.

To dream that your nose is bleeding foretells that you will meet with calamity. There is a possibility that you may cause troubles of right and wrong for no reason or suffer financial losses because of your more striking position.

To dream that your nose is injured and left with a scar foretells that you will be falsely accused by people around you or have a heated argument with people around you soon, but the truth is not clarified in the end.

A woman dreaming of a broken nose foretells that soon your position will be damaged or insulted, or even your husband's home will be notorious, which is an ominous sign.

To dream of a broken nose or a broken nasal bone foretells that you will suffer setbacks and disasters, may break your fortune, have serious property losses, or have family elders die, etc.

To dream that the tip of your nose is red foretells that you may become poor and live a period of financial distress.

To dream that you have a sore on the tip of your nose, don't worry too much, it foretells that you may be promoted.

To dream that your nostril is big implies that you may take improper means to gain benefits.

To dream that one's nose falls off indicates that you may meet with misfortune or get into trouble and live a downward spiral.

To dream that one's nose is missing foretells that you may meet with calamity, go bankrupt or lose everything.