Top 18 Dreaming About Bra-Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of a bra indicates that you will win the appreciation and respect of others through your witty mind and polite words and deeds.

A woman dreams of a bra, which indicates that social activities have increased and become popular.

A man dreams of a bra, indicating that he is a person unaffected by the environment.

Dreaming of buying a bra indicates that you are a steady person.

Dreaming that your bra is damaged indicates that you will be blamed for something dishonorable.

To dream of trying on a bra indicates that you will encounter a powerful challenge in love.

Dreaming that you are adjusting your bra to match your body shape indicates that you will successfully win a battle for love and eventually capture your loved one.

Dreaming of a bra is a manifestation of your mood and in many cases a positive attitude.

A woman dreams of wearing a bra, indicating that she will get a good emotional harvest.

A man dreams of wearing a bra: indicates that he will have some embarrassing things with friends and partners of the opposite sex, which will give both parties a period of embarrassment.

To dream of a woman wearing a beautiful bra indicates that you will be tempted and lose.

To dream of falling off your bra indicates that you will encounter troubles.

To dream of a man wearing his own bra indicates that he will reveal his privacy and cause damage to his reputation.

Dreaming of underwear often represents feelings and secrets that you don't want people to know; it may also symbolize your strong curiosity about sex.

Dreaming of beautiful underwear indicates that you are full of longing for sex.

Dreaming that your underwear is stained with stains, such as mayonnaise, ketchup, etc., indicates that you have a fear of sex in your heart.

To dream of wearing ripped underwear indicates that you will suffer poverty.

To dream of walking outside wearing underwear, is a sign of a noticeable decline in your health, and you should be vigilant. Pay attention to adjust the rest.