Top 18 Cow Dream Interpretation-Dream Meaning and Symbol

The cow represents a fulfilling love. Bulls and cows mean that you will have love coming, don't miss the opportunity.

Dreaming of cows roaming or eating grass in the pasture is a good omen that you will be rich.

To dream of a cow giving birth to a calf means that everything you pursue will be available in the end.

Dreaming of raising a lot of cows or driving cows will make you a fortune.

Dreaming that the cow is waiting for the owner to come to milk indicates that your hopes and desires will come true.

To dream that others are driving many cows and want to lose money.

Dreaming of cows chasing you will make you discredited because of women.

When a woman dreams of being chased by a cow, she will have an affair with others and will be indifferent to her husband.

A pregnant woman dreams of a cow or a docile cow, implying that she will give birth to a daughter.

To dream of milking a cow, happy events will follow one after another, but a woman dreaming of milking a cow is an ominous sign.

Dreaming of a strong fat cow means that you will live a prosperous life.

Dreaming of skinny cows indicates that catastrophe is imminent.

Dreaming that white cows are more auspicious than black cows.

Dreaming of cows with high milk production means good luck and fortune.

Dreaming that the cow is in front and the calf is behind, the wife is about to give birth.

Dreaming of cows fighting, bears heavy responsibilities, busy at work, but can make a lot of money.

Dreaming that the cow is being chased by the cow means that you can’t make up your mind about what to do, but the final decision is wise and rewarding.

To dream of letting the dog drive the cow into your yard indicates that you can make a fortune with the help of a friend.