Top 17 Hippopotamus Dream Meaning-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of the hippopotamus: This is a kind of docile animal, representing a kind of introverted character.

The clerk dreamed of the hippopotamus: It means that you will be fired soon.

The businessman dreamed of the hippopotamus: It implies that your business has been hit.

To dream of you staying in a habitat where many hippos gather: indicates that you will have a very dangerous opponent or a hostile competitor.

Dreaming of hippos being arrested or staying in a zoo: indicates that you may have a period of depression or boredom.

Dreaming that you are fighting with a hippo: It indicates that you will do very unwise things and will bring you serious losses.

To dream that you and Hippo will become friends: that you will get help from others.

To dream of a hippo coming towards you: you will get rich.

To dream of many hippos: I will become a millionaire.

To dream of feeding water to hippopotamus: low duty.

To dream of riding a hippo: bad luck is coming.

Dreaming of falling from the back of a hippopotamus: a notorious omen.

To dream of letting the hippo go: I will squander all the property.

Dreaming of buying a hippo: I will get married soon.

To dream of taming a hippopotamus: means that you will be appointed by the state to hold a position.

Case Appreciation

Dreamland: I dreamed that I was riding on a hippopotamus. I was very happy. I was walking and admiring the surrounding scenery. But suddenly it fell from the hippopotamus for some reason. How can this be explained? (Male, 39, manager)

Answer: The hippopotamus is of great significance and is a symbol of prestige, fame, and wealth. If the dreamer falls from the hippopotamus, it proves that the hippopotamus has abandoned you, and your reputation, prestige, etc. will also be far away. This dream is not auspicious. It reminds you that you may have bad luck soon, and your career and reputation will be ruined.