Top 16 Foggy Dreams Interpretation-Dream Meaning and Symbol

Dreaming of fog indicates that you may be deceived by a friend.

To dream of others in the mist indicates the misfortune of others, but it makes you benefit.

The farmer dreams of fog, which indicates an unknown sign that the field may be destroyed by heavy rain, which is not good for the crops.

A married person dreams of fog, indicating that you will have a chance to go out soon. It is recommended that you seize the opportunity. Appropriate relaxation is also an indispensable factor for maintaining a good and optimistic attitude.

Dreaming of being surrounded by black fog indicates that you will encounter disaster soon, and everything will not go well, and you will be deceived by your friends, which is an unclear sign.

Dreaming that the boat is trapped by thick fog means that what you are doing may be blocked, or something that confuses you may happen. In short, everything is not going well.

Dreaming that the fog gradually dissipates indicates that the confusion that bothers you is about to be clarified. Troubles are only temporary, persist until the predicament is over, the fog retreats, and success will belong to you.

Dreaming of being surrounded by fog indicates that you are in a melancholy mood and not so happy. And your luck is sometimes good and sometimes bad, which also means that your family life is not happy.

Dreaming of yourself walking in the fog warns you not to be easily influenced by others, and don’t make wrong judgments just because someone makes a very good evaluation of certain things, or just based on superficial phenomena.

A man dreams of walking in the fog: indicates that you think you don't want to be content with the status quo recently, your talents have not been shown, and you have not got a good opportunity to express yourself, and you feel very melancholy in your heart.

A woman dreams that she is walking in the fog, indicating that your health is not very good recently, pay more attention to diseases of the respiratory system.

A single person dreams of walking in the fog, indicating that you are always dissatisfied with your current life soon, longing for a change in yourself, and believing that you will get a new life.

A businessman dreams that he is walking in the fog, indicating that you have been hit by others in your business recently, and your investment has become the benefit of others.

The job seeker dreamed that he was walking in the fog, indicating that your job hunting fortune soon in general, your sense of self-identity has been strengthened, and the job-hunting method is clearer.

To dream of feeling light coming in through the fog means that your heart is secretly looking forward to ending the troubles in front of you. The subconscious mind is reminding you that the chaotic situation is about to end.

A leader or official dreaming of fog indicates that he may encounter or be troubled during the development of his career. Perhaps someone said bad things in front of the leader, causing dissatisfaction with the leader, or even a crisis of dismissal.