Top 16 Dreams About Rabbits-Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of the machine playing the rabbit flexibly: It means that good luck is coming.

Dreaming of a white rabbit: It may be a friend whom you have not seen for a long time.

If you dream of holding a rabbit or catching a rabbit, it means that someone came to visit recently, or you will meet true love.

To dream that a female rabbit is giving birth to a baby rabbit means that a certain achievement in work may be a windfall.

To dream that the little rabbit was abused: It is good for the medical staff, but it is not good for other people. It is best not to drive soon.

A behemoth who dreamed of a rabbit suddenly becoming fierce: It indicates that things are going smoothly, a partner may appear, and the goal will be achieved soon.

If you encounter a rabbit and other people approaching you, remind you not to listen to others casually to not be deceived.

Dreaming that you chased a rabbit with a wooden stick: It means that you can get the approval of customers or colleagues, and the later project progresses smoothly.

Dreaming of a rabbit in the sky: It indicates that you will encounter help from others, and you will be promoted and paid.

The dreamer encounters a rabbit coming towards you: implying that you have recently suffered a loss of property, you must prevent this from happening in advance and be careful of being cheated.

If a married woman dreams of a rabbit: it indicates that the relationship between husband and wife will go further and become sweeter.

A pregnant woman dreams of a rabbit: It means that the child in her belly is a boy, so we should pay attention to slower daily actions.

Dreaming of rabbits in love: It means that they treat each other's marriage more piously.

To dream that you have a rabbit: It indicates that you hope to do better than others in all aspects, and try to do one thing well.

To dream that the rabbit is dead: It implies that you will accomplish something or get married.

Dreaming of long-eared rabbits and running fast: It shows that you have a certain ability to foresee the dangers in life, and you can resolve the dangers through your anticipation ability.