TOP 15 Celery Dreams Interpretation!-Dream Meaning and Symbol

Dream interpretation: It symbolizes the most basic needs of the dreamer or the satisfaction of their material life. In addition, vegetables also indicate that the dreamer obtains material and spiritual "nutrition" from the surrounding environment. Similarly, the colors of various vegetables also have different meanings.

Psychological analysis: dreaming of vegetables usually indicates that you will be successful. There are many vegetables, which means life is comfortable and rich.

Spiritual symbol: Desire for nature in the heart, yearning for a healthy life.

To dream of celery is a sign of happiness or success, which means that your career is very successful and exceeds your expectations.

Dreaming of withered celery means that disasters may come to your relatives and friends.

The housewife dreamed of celery: it means living frugally.

To dream of others giving yourself celery: indicates that you will get a windfall.

To dream of giving celery to others means that interpersonal relationships are smooth, and you will gain the trust of many friends by virtue of being honest and trustworthy.

Dreaming of fresh fragile celery sticks: you will be more prosperous and influential than you hoped.

Dreaming of celery that is rotting: soon someone in your family will die.

To dream of eating celery indicates good health and smooth life. Love and friendship will surround you.

The young woman dreams of eating celery with her lover: it means that she will become very rich.

Business people dream of celery: indicating that the difficulties are only temporary, and gradually get rich smoothly.

The person in love dreams of celery: a villain destroys and causes you to break up, just as friends.

A pregnant person dreams of celery: giving birth to a boy. When a daughter is born in March, the child is prone to get sick.

To dream of buying celery is a good omen, which indicates that life will be happy.

The businessman dreams of buying celery: indicates that there will be profitable projects soon.

Unmarried men and women dream of buying celery: suggesting that they will soon find someone they like.