top 15 Blindness Dream Interpretation-Dreams Meaning

Dreaming about blindness: This is to remind you not to just look at the surrounding things with your eyes. You should try to feel and don't stay in the appearance so that you are not easy to be deceived. It also implies that you should analyze the things around you rationally.

To dream that you or others are suddenly blind: It implies that you may be deceived and betrayed by someone you trust.

Dreaming that you are blind or unable to see things: It may also imply that you feel that you don’t understand a certain part, or you are confused in your heart; or you feel that your life has lost your sense of direction, you cannot see the truth clearly, or you can’t recognize your potential, or you don’t want to subconsciously. For reality, avoid problems and truth.

To dream of losing one eye or blindness in both eyes: It may also indicate that you will be separated from your children and cannot see your relatives, or you will be deceived, encounter difficulties, get into trouble, or even get involved in legal proceedings for no reason.

Dreaming of blindness: It may just mean that your eyesight is indeed declining in reality.

Dreaming that someone else is blind: It indicates that someone needs your help, and you need to act sincerely and do your best.

The unmarried person dreams that others are blind: It indicates that your relationship is more variable, and the big ideas that have been lurking in your heart may be implemented. The family will interfere with your emotional life.

A business person dreams that others are blind: the Lord’s recent financial luck is low, and it is estimated that he will have a headache for salary issues, and at the same time, he may spend money indiscriminately because of a bad mood. Risk of the shrinking investment project value.

To dream of blindness in both eyes: This is a bad omen of bad luck, indicating that you may become a pauper soon. And it is also warning you that your current attitude towards things is a little off, you can't see the facts, and you may make some decisions that you regret.

Dreaming that the eyes become blind: It means that there is a slight misunderstanding in making friends. Since you can get along well with anyone, it will cause disgust.

To dream that you are blind: It means that you are currently being maliciously slandered, but the misunderstanding will be eliminated soon. In terms of feelings, it means that you are worried about falling in love and do not know how to solve it. I suggest that you can ask someone to help you.

To dream of losing your eyes: It indicates that you will be in trouble, you may encounter some troubles, but no one can help you.

Dream interpretation: Blindness in a dream implies that you refuse to know the truth.

Psychoanalysis: From the perspective of understanding, you are very clear about certain aspects. However, you did not make full use of the knowledge you have acquired when you made the decision.

Spiritual symbol: From the perspective of psychology, blindness is a kind of ignorance, and it also means irrationality. In addition, it has a close relationship with the beginning.