top 14 Oral Sex Dream-dream meaning and interpretation

Dreaming of oral sex: a normal phenomenon of sexual depression, do not have to be nervous. If not, it is likely to be a problem with the reproductive system.

An unmarried person dreams of having sex with a stranger: Recently, the fortune in love is very good, it is easy to get the favor of the opposite sex, and there is a possibility of being confessed.

Men dream about oral sex: They are often restrained by others, and sometimes they even need to sacrifice your interests in exchange for smooth progress.

Women dream about oral sex: they have better career development and happier life.

An office worker dreams of oral sex: work needs to be dealt with, and you have prepared a lot of new plans, but it is not suitable for new jobs recently, but wait for a while.

Job seekers dream of oral sex: job hunting luck is good, the company often fancy a certain specialty, as long as you work hard to perform well, you can get the position you want.

Dreaming of having sex with a romantic partner: It indicates that the two are in a good relationship recently and may get married or have a baby.

Dreaming that you have oral sex is very pleasant: It indicates that you are making very good progress with your lover, which is auspicious sign.

Dreaming of oral sex but the experience is general: It indicates that you are currently suppressing a certain relationship, but the future development of the relationship will be very enviable.

Dreaming of affair or oral sex with someone: It indicates that you are now thinking about whether the current choice is correct; on the other hand, it means that your relationship will be tortured and you may be ignored by your lover.

To dream of watching someone else’s oral sex: This shows that you are satisfied with your existing lover, but you are somewhat powerless about your relationship.

Dream interpretation: When a child becomes curious about his body, an important stage of development begins. At this stage, the child understands the meaning of touch, and understands the beauty of touching and being touched. If a child is treated roughly and beaten roughly, he may develop a fear of touching and will develop sexual disorders when he grows up. When a person is no longer afraid of pure exploration of his body, you will truly grow.

Psychoanalysis: People can deal with their sexual desires in dreams. If people ignore your sexual instincts and disrespect this way of expressing vitality, the negative side of sexual desire will be manifested in the dream. The sexual desire in the dream is a remedy for the waking state, and it represents your desire to be close to and united with another person. The sexual partner in the dream symbolizes the shortest distance you can reach from the part of yourself that you have lost. If you are intact, you may not have the desire to bond with others. This kind of dream about sex conveys the information that makes you understand your needs.

Spiritual symbol: Sexual behavior is the highest expression of love and spirit between two people, or a selfish behavior of physical instinct.