Top 14 Fish Dreams Interpretation-Dream Meaning And Symbol

Dreaming of live fish: going to travel at sea.

Dreaming of a dead fish: indicates disappointment and frustration. You may encounter setbacks, an unsuccessful career, difficult life, and even no money to eat.

Dreaming of buying fish: may inherit the inheritance of relatives or accept gifts.

Dreaming of eating fish: a slight downturn in love luck also means a healthy body, happiness, and well: being.

Dreaming of octopus or squid: this means that you will fail at work and make colleagues hate you.

Dreaming of flying fish: this means that your work will be more and more smooth, and you have the good luck to bring success, and it also means that you will succeed.

To dream of sharks means that even your closest friends will deceive you. As long as you have the opportunity, some friends will attack you mercilessly. And you should pay more attention to yourself, don't leave the impression of arrogance and rude to others.

Catch the fish in your dream: indicates that you will succeed. The bigger the fish you catch, the greater the success.

Dreaming of little fish giving birth: this is a good sign, you may get unexpected income.

To dream of a fish jumping from the water to the surface: recently you have had a lot of publicity, it is a good time to expand your popularity.

A man dreams of fishing: indicates that a catastrophe is imminent.

A woman dreams of fishing: indicates that there will be a rich husband and a happy life.

To dream of someone giving yourself a fish: indicates that you will get property, or you may be invited to a wedding. If the gift is dried fish, it means your life will be very rich.

Dreaming of the resurrection of the dead fish means that you will come back to life. If you are a dying person, you may be able to create a miracle of recovery. Such a dream means that the predicament will no longer exist.