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Top 14 Carnation Dreams Interpretation-Dream Meaning and Symbol

Dreaming of carnations represents a good omen, and the relationship with your mother will be very good.

To dream of buying carnations means that you want to improve interpersonal relationships.

To dream of giving carnations to a friend means that the friend is healthy.

Dreaming of black carnations means that the relationship between mothers will be very harmonious.

Dreaming of planting carnations means that the mother loves herself very much.

Dreaming of red carnations: represents your health.

Dreaming of carnations scattered all over the place: represents hope.

A pregnant woman dreams of a bouquet of carnations means that your temper will become milder in the future, not as easy to get angry as before.

Pregnant women dream of colored carnations: it means that your recent life will change from the usual monotony and become more colorful.

Pregnant women dream of buying carnations: it means that your subconscious maternal love has been mobilized and you will be a good mother in the future.

A pregnant woman dreams of a carnation: it means that you start to pay attention to something that you have neglected before, such as someone in your life.

A pregnant woman dreams that her baby will give her carnations: it means that you are looking forward to your baby’s health and hope to see your baby as soon as possible.

A pregnant woman dreams that she will give her mother carnations: it means that you have been emphasizing life, family, and affection in your heart recently.

Pregnant women dream of pink carnations: it means that your baby will love your mother deeply in the future. At the same time, it also indicates that pregnant women are very sensitive to colors in their hearts.

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