Top 13 Vomit Dream Interpretation|Dream Meaning

Dreaming of vomiting has three meanings. Generally speaking, it means that you have vomited your troubles and got rid of the unhappy things. It indicates that you will regain your balance, develop better, and achieve success. On the other hand, it indicates that there may be a long journey. There is also a possibility that you have suffered something that makes you intolerable, and you have a strong feeling of disgust in your heart.

Dreaming that you want to vomit indicates that you will travel far and may go to a distant foreign country. It may also mean that you have encountered something in your work or life that you cannot adapt to, and you want to stay away from it.

A man dreams of vomiting: indicates success.

A woman dreams of vomiting, which means she will be pregnant.

A pregnant woman dreams of vomiting, which indicates a smooth delivery.

The patient dreamed of vomiting, indicating that the discomfort will be eliminated and the body will recover.

The crew dreamed of vomiting, indicating that the voyage was going smoothly.

Dreaming of something disgusting, or something in your dream that makes you want to vomit strongly indicates that you may encounter misfortune and poverty. Those disgusting things hint at your fear of life states such as misfortune, poverty, or disease, but when you have such a strong desire in your heart, it means that you may be trapped in it, or close to this state. You still have to adjust your mentality. Avoidance and fear can't change reality.

Dreaming that others give you disgusting things indicates that you will suffer setbacks in interpersonal relationships, and you are likely to offend your friends.

Dreaming of the elderly vomiting indicates that the dreamer is vomiting up troubles, getting rid of the uncomfortable things, will regain balance, develop better and achieve success.

A woman dreams of an old man vomiting, indicating that you have a strong aversion to something, but you cannot show it in person.

A man dreams of old people vomiting, indicating that you will get help from others when you encounter difficulties. Friends will minimize your economic losses.

Dreaming that you are pregnant and vomiting indicates that you have good fortune soon. Everything around you will develop in a good direction. If you have any plans or want to do, you should boldly implement them. Perseverance will lead to success.