Top 13 Condom Dreams Interpretation-Dream Meaning and Symbol

To dream of a condom used by a man, do more practical work/study to get everyone's approval! Today you should be more humble and don't command others proudly.

To dream of taking contraceptive measures after sex, you will get help from friends at a critical moment and pass the dangerous period smoothly.

Dreaming that the condom is broken, the auspicious color is orange, and the lucky number is 6.

Dreaming of using a condom for sex with a lover, the lucky number is 4, the auspicious color is black,

Dreaming of using a condom for sex with your lover means that you will get married soon, and you will reap everyone’s blessings,

To dream of a condom, I missed it after hesitating! It’s very easy for you to make such mistakes in the past two days. Although you already understand it in your heart, you still dare not take action when you want to take actual action. Delivering important tasks to someone you can trust can help you avoid big losses! At the same time, my mood is a little restless!

The businessman dreamed that the condom contains semen and blood, which means that you should be more cautious when investing, otherwise you will go bankrupt.

A business person dreams that the condom is rotten, which means that it is not appropriate to reinvest or expand.

People in love dream of broken condoms, indicating that if you love each other sincerely, you will eventually get married.

A pregnant woman dreams of using a condom for sex with her lover, indicating that she will give birth to a boy and a girl in the summer.

A person in love dreams of a condom, which indicates that there must be a result when a marriage proposal is grasped, and the marriage can be achieved.

When someone in love dreams of selling condoms, it means that your relationship is unstable and you are likely to break up.

Men who have reached puberty usually have dreams of sex, and such dreams may recur in their 50s or 60s.