Top 12 Quarrel Dreams Interpretation-Dream Meaning And Symbol

Having a dream quarrel is a way to exchange and communicate, to resolve differences between the two sides, to release one's stress, and is an indispensable channel of life. It also indicates that you are a good thinker, cool-headed and principled person who will generally be praised by others.

Quarrel with the enemy: the enemy will be defeated.

A businessman quarrels with his customers: customers will increase.

Husband and wife quarrel: more love, happiness, and prosperity.

Quarrel with friends and relatives: family harmony and close friends to help in case of trouble.

A sick person quarrels with a doctor: the disease will be cured.

Dream of the quarrel with a neighbor: You and your neighbor should get along amicably.

Dream of arguing with a stranger: Recently invited and involved in a friend's banquet.

An old man quarrels with a child: It foretells health.

Tourists quarrel with each other: foretelling a successful journey.

Career newcomer quarrels with someone: foretells high competitive pressure, is easily influenced by others at work, has a strong sense of insecurity, and cannot find a suitable way to release pressure. Solution channel: study hard, constantly enrich your professional skills, wait patiently, find opportunities and beat your competitors.

The accused person argues with the judge: about to be released.

According to the content of the dream: arguing with someone in a dream, is a sign of antagonism with others.

Psychologically speaking: to dream of arguing with someone, psychologically it may indicate that you are under too much pressure, you may have aggression in life, you may have encountered setbacks at work, you have a lot of negative emotions in your heart without a place to vent them, so you show them in your dream, it is an expression of latent meaning, it is a kind of psychological self-regulation, there may be a relatively large contrast between your character in your dream and your character in reality. The dreamer who quarrels with someone in real life may be a humble and courteous person, while such a person is generally more repressed in ordinary life. But arguing with someone in a dream is a better way to vent because he will not affect others and can also relax mentally.