Top 11 Alligator Dreams Interpretation!-Dream Meaning and Symbol

Alligators or other reptiles in dreams represent deep fear in the dreamer's heart. You can't overcome this feeling, afraid that you will be gradually swallowed by it. This fear comes from aggression around you or being an enemy of a strong person, or an enemy who has harmed yourself, or even a close friend who wants to deceive and attack you.

   Dreaming of an alligator, unless you kill it, will be bad for everyone who has appeared in this dream. This is a dream of warning.

   Pregnant women dream of alligators and will have difficulty giving birth, so they need to go to the hospital for examination in advance.

   To dream of an alligator means that you will be invaded by a fierce enemy, or be an enemy of a strong person, or an enemy who has harmed yourself.

   dreamed that alligators were approaching one by one step by step, and it would cost a lot of money to treat their loved ones.

   To dream of an alligator rushing toward you fiercely, the enemy will not give up easily but will be your enemy for a long time.

   To dream of an alligator chasing a friend, the friend will be a coward, unable to rely on.

   To dream that I finally got rid of the alligator, which would avoid major dangers.

   To dream of an alligator running away, good luck will come to you.

   To dream of a dead alligator drifting in the water, your neighbors and friends will have disasters, you have to remind them to be careful.

   An unmarried woman dreams of an alligator approaching, she will marry a weak man.

   A married man dreams of an alligator approaching him: indicates that the business will fall into the trap of the villain or be framed by his friends and suffer losses.