The Meaning Of Hitting A Child In A Dream!-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of you hitting a child may be because the child is too naughty, and your patience has been extremely exhausted, but you are reluctant to hit the child, so there is no place to vent the anger in your heart. It is suggested that you can try to let others help you take care of your children, and you should go out and relax your mind properly, otherwise the mental stress will cause your own illness.

A woman dreams of hitting a child: proves that a woman is rich in maternal love. Although your child may be too naughty, you still love her very much. If you make a mistake, you are reluctant to hit your child. It is recommended to communicate and communicate with your child frequently and learn the right Parenting methods.

A man dreams of beating a child: indicates that the recent mental stress is relatively high, and there may be the possibility of losing his job. The child indicates a man’s job, and beating a child proves that both the boss feels strong dissatisfaction with you and your boss at work. And both parties are trying their best to endure, but your emotions are on the verge of collapse, about to explode, so if you don't find a good solution and communication method, you will lose your job soon.

A student dreams of hitting a child: indicates that the usual learning environment is very depressing, and you may not keep up with your usual academic performance. Your teacher will mock you, so you become very sad and negative. You want to change this state, but feel that there is no way, so it is easy to become irritable. You should find a way to change it in time, observe, and always find a solution.

Dreaming of beating your daughter proves that your life has been relatively fast recently, and you are almost out of breath due to heavy studies or work. You can appropriately refuse other people's requests and take a reasonable rest, otherwise, you may get sick.

Dreaming of bleeding your child indicates that something good will happen in your life. Your recent life is very happy. If you have a child, then your child’s academic performance will be better and you will feel a sense of accomplishment. In addition, there will be good things happening around you. If you are working class, you may be promoted and raise your salary, and there will be a wealth of a lot of money unexpectedly. It should be noted that you can't be proud in normal times, otherwise, your good luck will also Then disappear.