The boy in the dream appears in reality?

Hello Master:

I am a snake

Born in November 1989

Age 19

Gender: Female

Education level: high school

Marriage: Single

Occupation: Maybe I will continue studying

Belief: Although I believe in gods and Buddhas, I am not Buddhist or any other religion

Family situation: mom, dad, grandpa, grandma

Interpersonal relationships: It depends on my personality. No one cares about me. I have few friends. Those who have are only superficial. I know they are just perfunctory with me

The dream I want to ask about was a dream I had 3 years ago. I dreamed that I transferred to a school. My class was all boys and the teacher was a woman. In the middle of class, a large group of people suddenly came to attack this school. In school, I ran away with a boy to a deserted place. He told me to hide here and wait for him, and then he left. I kept waiting until I woke up and he didn’t come back.

The problem is that I saw the boy in the dream in reality. I didn’t know him. The first time I met him was when I was dreaming. I didn’t think about liking him. I met him once and didn’t think about it anymore. But then when I saw him again a year later, I fell in love with him for no apparent reason. I knew it was impossible for us to be together, but because of the previous dream, I still held on to a little extravagant hope.

If it’s just a coincidence and there is no hope for us in the future, I won’t continue to love him blindly and I will look for a realistic way to live.

So I would like to ask for advice so that I can decide my own future path

Thank you!

 ( Dream Interpretation: Let’s first look at the meaning of this dream. Transferring to a school means that your heart has transitioned to a new state. In this state, there is one aspect: Regarding how to face the opposite sex, this is what the class is full of boys. The school was attacked. It can be understood that in terms of contact with the opposite sex, due to reaching a new state, there is a sense of turmoil in the heart. It's like being attacked, and you have created an image of the opposite sex in your heart, so that you can pour some of your psychological energy into it and take some of the pressure away from the inner conflict. But you never waited for him in the dream. The dream is hinting to you that sometimes, some forces or people that have helped you get through the ups and downs may not necessarily stay with you for a long time. After completing the transition at that time, it played the role it should play. The mission of this image is It’s been done, we don’t have to be overly attached.

Let’s talk about reality. This dream you once had reflects some subconscious information, and this potential information guides your consciousness, affects your actions, and allows you to haveThere is an opportunity to get acquainted with people like the boy in the dream in the future. This is not a mystery. It is the huge power of the subconscious mind at work. And just like the dream suggests, when there are many negative objective conditions in reality, it makes you unable to do so. When we are getting farther and farther away from a once important image, we do not necessarily have to persist blindly. After all, he has helped you in the process of growing your mind and completed his mission. The road ahead , we still have to keep going.