Nightmare? Life

If you dream about a nightmare, you will be deceived.

The patient has nightmares and his condition suddenly worsens.

A young woman dreams of a bad dream is an auspicious sign, which will cause more pain to her husband and lead to pregnancy.

Nightmares depend on your state of mind. Which dream below scares you the most?

You dreamed that you were captured by a ghost

You may have strong social ambitions or want to be applauded and cared for by everyone, so you use ghosts to attract everyone's attention. Especially in your subconscious, you must think that you have been captured by a ghost. Everyone should focus on you. In this way, you achieve your goal of attracting attention. In fact, the reason why you are afraid of ghosts in your dream is to show your helplessness. You are not afraid of ghosts. What you are afraid of is that people will not pay attention to you, and you are just using ghosts to disguise your motives.

You dreamed that your relatives were crushed to death by a truck

Don’t feel guilty. You don’t really want all your family members to die tragically, but you really want to have a free and independent living space. You are dissatisfied with the restrictions and interference of your family members, and subconsciously you want them to temporarily The funny to disappear is just that you don’t know it. When you are afraid in a dream, it is because you feel guilty, so you cannot discover your true motives. Some people say that dreaming about the death of family members may be an ominous or abnormal sign. In fact, it is not the case. Dreams are just to fulfill your wishes. There is no morality or sin in dreams, so there is such a way to use the life and death of family members to express funnys. of dreams.

You dreamed that the next door to your house was a volcanic crater, and the volcanic eruption destroyed your home

The reason why you have this dream implies that you may have a bad impression of your home, or you may not like a stable life and like freshness and excitement in life. It's also possible that the feeling of home puts a lot of constraints and pressure on you, so subconsciously you want to give the whole home a new transformation, but your subconscious arrangement is too scary. However, you don’t have any ill intentions towards your home, you are just venting it out purely and subjectively from your own perspective, so don’t blame yourself too much.

You dreamed that you had a terminal illness and were about to die

Don’t be nervous. You are not really terminally ill. You may be relatively lonely in life, with an introverted and conservative personality, and do not receive the attention and care of your family, classmates, and friends, so your subconscious mind will have this dream to fulfill your wish. . Obviously, your wish is that everyone can pay attention to you and care about you, and terminal illness is the most sympathetic situation, so you will have this kind of dream. Some people say that this kind of dream may be a warning of cancer. Theoretically speaking, dreams rarely tell you a message so directly, so it is unlikely. If you're worried, it's a good idea to get a checkup.