My boyfriend dreamed that I died tragically?

What does it mean when my boyfriend dreams about my tragic death and wakes up crying?

My boyfriend had a very strange dream yesterday. He dreamed that I was dead. He dreamed that I counted the cards for him and drew 4, 9, and three king cards. I said 9 is too thick and 4 has a hole and it doesn’t fit. (I was very dizzy when I heard it) Then I felt very sad. At this time, someone broke me open and I died. He quickly tried to put my belly together to save me, but was unsuccessful and he was very sad. At this time, my father came forward to comfort him (it was so baffling.) Then he ran out and cried non-stop on the street, and then cried until he woke up. Told me today. I really want to know what kind of omen this dream has. Today I was frightened by him and I was very depressed all day long.

PS: My boyfriend is 25 years old and he is working hard on his own business. I will leave him in September to study. As for family and hobbies, they are just ordinary. As for our relationship, we often quarreled and had many irreconcilable conflicts, including the fact that I wanted to leave him to study. But we love each other very much.

(Dream Interpretation by Zhou Gong Dream interpretation: Card counting can be understood as looking forward to the future, 4, 9 and the king. The numbers are more personalized. It is difficult to guess the specific meaning here. The king can be regarded as destiny. Taken together, Look, he is analyzing your emotional relationship and future. 9 is too thick, and 4 has holes. It is comparing and matching the two people. After that, he feels that they cannot get along, which is expressing his worries about the relationship between the two people. You being torn apart and dead is a vivid description. In his heart, the relationship between the two of you has been destroyed by some negative objective conditions, making him feel a sense of loss, just like you died. He tried hard to bring your belly together to save you. The belly is the center of human emotions. The meaning of this plot is that he tried hard to save your relationship from negative conditions, but failed. The image of your father can be seen as a sub-personality in his heart. This sub-personality has similar characteristics to your father, that is, he can consider things more maturely and has more decision-making ability. In the dream, he comes to comfort you. It's a hint to your boyfriend to analyze things more objectively. The last cry is a way to vent the negative emotions caused by the sense of loss. When solving problems, we must first find the correct entry point. Perhaps some negative objective conditions can be improved through the joint efforts of two people.