Meaning Of Dreaming About Giants-Dreams Interpretation Online

Dreams of giants often symbolize childhood life, with ruling figures, such as parents, police officers, teachers, etc.

To dream of a giant may also suggest that you are subconsciously seeking protection or are worried about the fear of punishment.

To dream of a giant also indicates that with hard work, you will be successful soon.

To dream of a giant and not be timid is a guarantee of future success.

To dream that you become a giant is a reminder that you should not take risky actions in business, and in the recent period, you should pay attention to your words and actions to avoid misunderstandings.

To dream that you have become a giant indicates that you have a sense of superiority within you and reminds you not to be arrogant and take risky actions rashly, otherwise you may suffer losses.

To dream that you see a giant meeting or discussing things implies that you will become a prestigious scholar or industry leader.

To dream that a giant suddenly appears in front of you implies that there will be a fight to the death between you and your competitors.

To dream that a giant blocks your way forward implies that your rival will defeat you.

To dream that a giant runs away from you, foretells that you will have wealth, good health, and all things will go well.

To dream that a giant chases you is a bad omen.

Psychoanalysis: Giants and cannibals often represent anger in dreams, especially the anger of men.

Spiritual symbolism: On a spiritual level, the giant in the dream symbolizes the primitive form of power.