Dream about buying fruits mean?

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Dream about buying fruits?
Ripe fruits usually symbolize a comfortable and wealthy life, fulfilling emotions and happiness.
Dreaming about buying fruit indicates that you will be able to get rid of prejudice and have objective and calm judgment about things.
Adhering to your own ideas makes you stronger in attitude.
Previous investments have shown signs of paying off.

In the past two days, you have made people feel mature and stable, and can be entrusted with important tasks!

Entrepreneurs dream of buying fruits
It means that business is not going well and you will be harmed by bad people, so be careful of villains.
People who plan to go out dream of buying fruits.
It is recommended to go out safely.
A pregnant person dreams of buying fruits.
It indicates that the birth of a boy will cause damage to the mother's body, so she needs to take care of herself.
A person who is discussing marriage dreams of buying fruits.
It means that if someone destroys, frames or deceives you, it will be difficult for you to get married.
People preparing for exams dream of buying fruits.
It means that the science scores are not satisfactory, which will affect the admission results.