Late grandma?

Some time ago I dreamed about my late grandma, which surprised me. Because strictly speaking, my grandma and I were not that close. Perhaps my most profound impression of her was the day she passed away. In the dream, she called me and asked me to go back to my hometown. What was particularly noteworthy was that she told me to go back alone, and then she seemed to have something to say to me. I was very scared at the time, so I called my brother I went back with me, but my father called me and said that my brother wanted to accompany him to another place and could not accompany me, so he asked me to go back alone. Just when I was at a loss, the dream had moved to another place, and I had returned to the door of my ancestral home in my hometown. There was no one when I entered, but when I looked into my grandma’s room, what I saw before me was the scene when my grandma passed away 14 years ago. Then I woke up somehow. This is my first time dreaming about my grandma, so I would like to ask if this is a sign. ?Thank you.

Duke Zhou’s interpretation of dreams: This dream is about nostalgia for the elderly. In addition, it is also because I have some shortcomings in dealing with people, which has the meaning of confessing. As the saying goes, "if you don't listen to the old man, you will suffer a loss in front of you."