Is it good to dream about a fight?

Dreaming about fighting means you will make useless partners.

Students dream about fighting, indicating that they will do well in exams.

If a man dreams about fighting, he will travel, which means that if there are difficulties, it is best to cancel.

There are two types of fights, one is to be beaten and the other is to hit others. Of course, they are also divided into oneself and others. Which ones indicate good luck and bad luck? Please see the specific dreams below

Situation analysis: being beaten

If you dream of being beaten, your life will be rich, something auspicious will happen to you, and the patients at home will recover quickly.

Dreaming about being beaten by a stranger indicates that you will encounter difficulties.

Dreaming that a family member was beaten to death means that the family will have more people.

Dreaming about beating animals indicates that you will make a fortune.

A prisoner dreams of being beaten indicates that he will be released soon.

Dreaming about fighting with others will bring disaster.

A businessman dreams of fighting with a customer is a good sign and can make a fortune.

But if you dream of fighting with your classmates, your luck in interpersonal relationships will increase. You can communicate boldly and actively with anyone, and people around you will be honest with you, and there will never be conflicts.

Dreaming about brothers fighting indicates bad luck in intelligence, and your academic performance will drop significantly.

Dreaming about a lot of people fighting in groups will have a negative impact on your health. You should pay attention to your digestive system. You are likely to suffer from acute gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer, gastroptosis, appendicitis and other diseases. Overeating and overeating must be absolutely prohibited at this time.

Dream about hitting others

If you dream of beating others, you will be praised by others.

To dream of being beaten by someone who has nothing to do with you is a bad omen of misfortune and failure.

Dreaming that your lover is beaten means that the love between the two will be deeper and their love will be eternal.

Dreaming about hitting yourself on the chest is an ominous sign, either you will be implicated in a criminal case, or your relatives and friends will die forever.

If you dream of hitting the ground frequently, the current obstacles will be eliminated. This is a good dream for people who are about to go bankrupt.

To dream of being beaten and finally beaten to death indicates that all his pain and disaster will end and he will live a very happy life.

If you dream of inciting others to beat someone, the person who was beaten to death will become your best friend. If a patient dreams of this, his illness will soon recover.