Is It Bad Luck To Dream Of A Crow?|Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of crows is an unfortunate omen.

When a married man dreams of a crow, he may encounter disaster.

A married woman dreams of crows: indicates that the child may be sick.

When an unmarried man dreams of a crow, it indicates that he will feel very pain because of the departure of his sweetheart.

An unmarried woman dreams of a crow, indicating that she may marry a frail husband.

Business people dream of crows, indicating that they may encounter successive failures, business losses, and finally bankruptcy.

To dream of catching crows means that you can defeat the enemy, imply that you will defeat your opponent and win the victory and that you can defeat your opponent and drive away bad luck.

To dream of a crow falling on a tree indicates that it is unlucky, and you may have to live a life of enduring hunger and poverty.

Dreaming of a dead crow, a good thing means that your bad luck days are over, and a smooth day is coming.

To dream of a crow falling on someone’s head, remind that person to pay attention to his body, that he might get sick.

To dream of crows pecking feces reminds you to learn from poverty and abandon your original bad habits.

To dream of a crow falling into the courtyard with something in its mouth indicates that you will encounter disaster.

A traveler on the road dreams of a crow cutting off the road, indicating that a car accident may occur on the way.

To dream of a crow flying over your head, or falling on your shoulder or body, is ominous, reminding you to pay more attention to your body, and you may be seriously ill or even critically ill.

To dream of a crow flying in a circle indicates that you will be in trouble in interpersonal relationships. Maybe you are a little too proud and disgust your friends and want to leave you. Only by being as humble as possible will the fortune be better.

If you hear the crows in your dream, you will be influenced by others and improperly distribute your property. For young men, it means that they will fall into the trap of women.

Dreaming of crows crying indicates that you remember to be careful soon, and take care to avoid your belongings being stolen.

A man who dreams of a crow crying indicates that you have good fortune soon, and he may meet with the help of a friend at work so that he will help himself through the danger.

A woman dreams of crows crying: indicates that your recent love fortune is not ideal. It feels that small conflicts are improperly controlled, and thus become the fuse of conflicts. Your performance feels very emotional.

A single person dreams of a crow crying, indicating that your recent love fortune is not good. Remember to be cautious about your relationship and listen to the opinions of your friends to avoid failure.

The old man dreams of crows crying, indicating that you will travel far soon, and you will often encounter obstacles on the way, and you can postpone your plan to travel far away.

The worker dreams that the crow is crying, which indicates that your recent performance at work is average, and you may not see the results when you pay.

The student dreamed that the crow was crying, indicating that you need to be cautious about making friends soon.

Dreaming of crows flying, you have to face competitors from all quarters soon, and you must be psychologically prepared.

Dreaming of hitting crows indicates that you will receive good news and will make you have the fighting spirit and determination to resist bad luck, and you will get better and better.

The young woman dreamed of a big crow, indicating that her sweetheart might betray her soon.