Is It Bad Luck to Dream about Bird Droppings?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of bird droppings is not bad luck

Dreaming of bird droppings on the body: In terms of love or luck, there may be signs of improvement.

Dreaming that a bird defecates on your body: It indicates that misunderstandings can easily occur by guessing other people's thoughts, so you should understand it in the direct and most obvious way. When meeting customers and friends, pay attention to your words and deeds. It is also easy for couples. In the event of a dispute, more attention must be paid to this.

A man dreamed that bird droppings fell on his body: The intuition and decision-making ability of the two days were good, and the more he thought about it, the more he would cringe. Just answer according to his inner intuitive reaction. I usually think about when I must do something that I have not implemented. These two days is also a good time to try.

A woman dreams of bird droppings on her body: Recently you are full of confidence, you can choose some challenging tasks to do at work, and it is easy to make achievements; if you devote yourself to the work, you will inevitably have a bad relationship with your partner. Ignored, but the other party will not blame you for this; the fortune is good, but the investment should be made at the right time, and don’t worry.

Dreaming of bird droppings on your body: Overconfidence can easily make you miss your precious feelings. There will be an ordinary person of the opposite sex who will like you, and it will be a warm relationship to be able to develop! Don't be dismissive, which will hurt the other person.

Office workers dreamed that bird droppings fell on the body: At work, they have a lot of passion for work, and they often pay attention to several projects at the same time. The ideas are good, but in implementation, they often retreat because of some minor troubles.

Dreaming of bird droppings indicates that your fortune in love tends to improve.

A woman dreams of guano: It is a sign that there is a chance to travel, there is a disaster, it is best to cancel.

Young people dream of guano: Recently you will encounter many difficulties, and you need to face them bravely.

The migrant workers dream of bird droppings: They may get a promotion and raise their salary.