What does it mean to dream of a dragon flying in the sky?

Is it good to dream of a dragon flying in the sky?

Dreaming that the dragon is flying in the sky means that your confident smile and actions are particularly attractive, and you are expected to have intimate contact with the opposite sex you like; there are many investment ideas, and the probability of profit is also high; the unchanging working mode, this Make some changes in two days and work more efficiently.

Dreaming of a dragon flying in the sky?

I dreamed that the dragon was flying in the sky, the stomach was uncomfortable, and the waist was a little sore. The wine I drank last night, the alcohol was still a problem, I must have breakfast, otherwise even lunch will be delayed.

When I work/study, my thinking is very confusing, my stomach is better than in the morning, but I still feel uncomfortable. My attention is always flying away from the documents, and my boss/teacher should never see it.

Received another appointment call before leaving get off work, which was a compensation for a chaotic day.

A pregnant woman dreams of or sees a dragon coming to the door of her house indicates that she will give birth to a very good child, which is an auspicious dream.

Dreaming of flying dragons means that there are still a lot of invitations for entertainment, but you have a tendency to escape these two days. It's just that the so-called people are in the rivers and lakes, and they can't help themselves. In many interpersonal situations, you still have to bite the bullet because of your affection. The atmosphere at night will be more relaxed, so have a good rest! In addition, if you are single, you may be attracted by the lively opposite sex.

A man dreams of flying dragons indicates that there will be obstacles in doing things, it will not be smooth sailing, and the goal will be difficult to achieve.

Dreaming of a dragon means that someone around you will be promoted and rich, and you will gain the trust of others.

Dreaming of a dragon means that you will get the reputation and wealth bestowed by God, and this wealth should be used in places that are beneficial to the world.

Dreaming of a dragon is a symbol of dignity, and luck will also improve, but it should be noted that at this time, you may also do things completely unplanned, resulting in impulsive actions, but it will be dangerous. It is recommended that you do anything before doing anything. , must think more.

Dreaming of a dragon indicates that you must be an extraordinary person, and God will give you the opportunity of prosperity and success, so you must seize it well.

Dreaming of a dragon flying in the sky indicates that you are lucky, and your work and study achievements are remarkable and attracting attention.

Dreaming of flying on a dragon indicates that your opportunity is coming, and you will be blessed by the god of luck, even if you face difficulties, you will be able to solve it.

Dreaming of the birth of a dragon indicates that the future baby will be healthy and strong, with extraordinary achievements.

If you dream of giving birth to a blue dragon, it also indicates that the child will become a pillar of the country when he grows up, a dragon and a phoenix among the people, and a prosperous one.

Dreaming that the dragon enters the house, or drills into the stove, or rides the dragon into the water, indicates that your fortune will be prosperous and you will be promoted.

To dream of a snake turning into a dragon indicates that you will be helped by nobles.

Dreaming of a dragon flying to the ground indicates that you will have unexpected income in the near future.

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