If you are unmarried, dream about pregnancy or caesarean section?

Question: What does it mean if you are unmarried and dream about pregnancy and caesarean section?

I am 24 years old, female, unmarried

I dreamed that I was pregnant, or had a caesarean section, and gave birth to a girl. Then I took care of the baby by myself. The whole family was very precious, as if it was just such a child. Then I didn’t know what I fed. The child was allergic, crying wildly, and hurriedly sent her away. The baby was taken to the hospital, and then the scar from the caesarean section split on my stomach. From now on, it will be very confusing, and I will be very confused, and then I can’t remember it

I recently broke up with my boyfriend because he fell in love with someone else, but my parents and the whole family firmly disagreed because we were about to get married, so I was in a bad mood recently and often had dreams

 (www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com)Dream Interpretation:

Pregnancy means the original feeling of pregnancy

That child represents the love between you and your boyfriend

People around me are very optimistic about this relationship and support it

Children’s allergies mean emotional problems

Make you feel helpless and sad

A cracked caesarean section scar means that not only is there a problem with your relationship, but you are also hurt

The whole thing is a mess. Reflects your inner chaos, and your entire life is in chaos