I dreamed that my father met gangsters on the way to school?

Yesterday I dreamed that my dad sent me to school. Then we met three gangsters on the way to the parking lot. They fought with my dad with machetes. In the end, my dad only suffered a few stab wounds and subdued the three gangsters. He was a gangster. Later we went to the hospital. The dream was quite confusing and I couldn’t remember the details. But when I woke up, I was scared to think about it. Thank you, Master. I dreamed about a hospital, which I seemed to have seen before. . Very familiar.

 (www.onlinedreamsinterpretation.com) Dream Interpretation: Dream about your father sending you to school. The way to school can be seen as the road to maturity, with your father accompanying you. At the same time, you and your father are in your father's car together. , here reflects a certain degree of attachment to dad, a subconscious habitual desire to be with dad, and to send you to school to accompany you to grow up. After that, you are about to get off the car and say goodbye to dad, which is a hint to you that when the time comes When you mature, your father will no longer be your main companion in life. When you meet gangsters, your father will fight with them. This means that on your growth path, there are some people and things, especially those that may make you tempted. The opposite sex caused your growth conflict, making you feel like you were offended by a gangster when you were accompanied by your father in the early days, and your father is where you belong, which strengthens some of the concepts you formed early in your heart. Hospitals and treatment places, In the dream, my father was injured by a knife, so he came to the hospital. What it means is that in reality, some hurt-like feelings in the soul caused by growth conflicts require treatment. I have dreamed about it before, and it is very familiar to me. Due to the need for spiritual repair during growth, my father was injured. The reality is that due to the growth conflicts caused by more of my own experiences, the relationship with my father that was built in the early stage was destroyed, just like the father in my heart was injured. Therefore, the model in our mind that points to the father needs to be repaired. The hospital is here, which actually implies a message with more growth significance. As we grow, we need to constantly reconstruct various models in our hearts to make them consistent with each stage of psychological maturity. In order to meet the needs of harmony, perhaps giving up the early dependence on dad and rebuilding a new emotional relationship with dad is a more meaningful and real growth.