I dreamed that I changed my boyfriend. I dreamed that I was with another man. ?

Dream description:

I dreamed that I was with another man. The boyfriend in the dream was very gentle and very kind to me. But in reality I have a boyfriend.

Duke Zhou’s interpretation of dreams:

Dreaming that you have changed your boyfriend and are with other men is a kind of dissatisfaction with your current boyfriend. It also means that you want to get rid of some of the constraints that your current boyfriend has on you. Haha, maybe it is in reality. Your boyfriend will restrict you from doing things that you often did in the past. You will be somewhat dissatisfied with such restrictions. In fact, after finding a boyfriend, sometimes you need to consider his feelings. You can consider some things from his perspective, and you will know whether these things are suitable for you before doing it. Of course, the boyfriend's requirements are also reasonable.