I dreamed of a bird flying over me

I dreamed of a bird flying on my body. This dream is a good omen. The five elements belong to gold, indicating smooth career. When gold falls and wood rises, fire is strong in finance, which is a move to gain wealth. This dream is auspicious during the summer and autumn period. Dreams in winter and spring are bad omens.

I dreamed that a bird flew over me. The bird itself was gold, and its breathing was fire. Table gold front and fire back. It indicates that wealth and silk will come to you in your career, and everything will be suitable for you. You belong to wood, and metal and wood are in conflict with each other, so you will get wealth, but your body may be dangerous and tiring. This is the meaning of noble people helping each other and heaven's blessing. Give birth to the meaning of etiquette.

I dreamed that a bird flew to me, which means that I am cooperating with people who belong to the rooster, monkey, and snake.

I dreamed of birds flying over me, and those who seek wealth will be filled with money and silk, and this wealth will be a long-term thing. When birds come, gold will bring wealth, so be careful and wait for it.

There is no room left in the expression of love, and there is a slight funny for aggression in the relationship, which is a mixed blessing. It is not suitable to talk about love.