How do I dream of other people getting married?

Dream of other people getting married: dream of other people getting married is a good sign of family promotion, illness, etc.
Dreaming that your lover is married to someone else indicates that your relationship will be successful.

Unmarried women dream of other people get married: indicates that they will find one half.
Married women dream of other people getting married: indicates that they have the heart to cheat.
Unmarried men dream of being married to someone else: a sign that they are worried about growing old.
Married men dream of other people getting married: a string of good things.
Businessmen dream of marriage: a sign of finding better partners.
Dream of other people married no one to attend the wedding, it means that they will be with the other half road side line.
Dream of other people married he forgot to bless, means that he has to find a girlfriend or boyfriend.
Dream of others married car accident, said his life was hurt.
Dream of lovers and others get married, said he will be married to lovers.
Dream of others get married to invite yourself to choose the auspicious day, said he was famous.

Dream of friends getting married: family will have good luck coming. Your father's promotion, your mother's recovery, or your brother's passing the test are all predictable.

Dream of someone getting married: thinking process, married people do not know their own, said not clear thoughts, deeply troubled about things.
Why do you always dream of getting married
Is the dreamer married? Is the dreamer planning a wedding? This dream may have something to do with marriage.

The dream of getting married has many different meanings:

1,not married: marriage symbolizes happiness, which may indicate a dreamer's desire to form a happy family, or it may indicate a dreamer's romantic relationship is imminent.

2,not married or married: marriage is a matter of life, means that will shoulder the responsibility of the family, is a sense of responsibility and mission symbol. This dream is a precursor to an imminent promotion, indicating that the dreamer's career will be a promising one.

3, married: how was your wedding scene? This dream may be an expression of memory or desire, suggesting that the dreamer desires a grand and romantic wedding. Another explanation: marriage represents a new beginning, so it may indicate that the dreamer is entering a new phase of life. This is a sign of growth and change.

Wedding, is a wedding ceremony, is an exciting moment. The dream of the wedding, is a happy and short experience and symbol, the dream to cherish and grasp the best moment.

Photographs capture an instant image, reflecting the dreamer's past and relationships. What is the dreamer's marital life like? This dream may indicate that the dreamer needs to catch a particular event in life. The dream may also indicate that the dreamer still has hope for the past or is clinging to the past.

Dream of breaking up friends wedding scene is very big
It is a social day when you and your partner break up. It is full of fun. As it is a working day, you may not be able to enjoy the full benefits of your horoscope. A good message? In business, you still shine. It's also a good day to pitch ideas to potential partners or clients at online events. Chances are, you and your partner will be hosting big social events and opening new doors with introductions from friends.

Dream of friends getting married
Dream of marriage, wedding

A dream of someone getting married indicates that the dreamer has good fortune.
Dream that you are married. Take care of your health.
Unmarried men dream of their girlfriends marrying someone else, suggesting that your marriage may be delayed by the death of a loved one.
The husband dreamed that his wife was married to someone else, implying that his wife would suffer from disaster, misfortune, etc. Recently, he should pay more attention to his wife's safety and health.
If you marry an old man or woman, you usually get a legacy. If a young, unmarried woman dreams like this, it may also indicate that there are people in life who will help her.
Married women who dream like this are more likely to get paid more.
The student dreams of marrying an old man, reminding you to cherish your school days.
Dreams of attending a wedding usually indicate the death of a relative or friend.
Dream oneself look on others' wedding, adumbrative the home can have good luck, for instance close relatives gets promotion, the exam is smooth wait.
Dream that you are the Lord of the marriage.
Dream yourself into the luxurious wedding hall, wedding venue, career success, will win wealth and fame.
Men dream when the groom, remind you to grasp the immediate feelings, hold fast to express. On the other hand, take care of your health in the near future.
When a woman dreams of being the bride, whether or not the groom is the one for you, it means that you are making rapid progress in love and will make breakthroughs with your boyfriend.
Dream of your parents attending your wedding.
Dream of the bride and groom to worship the scene, one aspect indicates that you may get unexpected heritage gifts, another aspect, may also indicate that you will encounter difficulties.
Dream of the groom laughing happily, indicating that you may meet the opposite sex you like, excited.
Dream of the wedding scene there are a lot of wine, the recent to be careful, hint that you will be in trouble, make you worry.
Young men and women in love dream that they are going to a wedding banquet. Maybe your relationship will encounter some twists and turns.
A young man and woman about to get married, dreaming of a wedding without guests, is a sign of your future marriage, fearing that some parents will not accept your marriage.
If you dream of a wedding without a bride or groom, it suggests that you don't trust your partner and that he or she makes you feel safe enough.
If you dream of losing your wedding ring, it also means that you don't trust your partner and feel insecure.