Handbag In Dreams-Dream Meaning and Symbol

Dreaming of a handbag indicates that you desire sex.

To dream of looking for something in a purse or purse indicates that you are dissatisfied with sexual desires.

Dreaming of expensive brand-name handbags means that you subconsciously have the desire to show your status in front of others; this dream also has the opposite possibility, which means that you are in a bad situation now, and deep down in your heart, you are eager to be in front of everyone through money Improve status.

Dreaming that you are rummaging in your handbag indicates that you are looking for new opportunities.

Dreaming that your handbag is beautiful indicates that your life is rich and beautiful.

To dream of losing your handbag indicates that you may encounter some obstacles. If it is found later, it indicates peace.

Dreaming that you have found a handbag. An empty handbag symbolizes profit, while a full handbag indicates a loss.

To dream of you or someone else opening your handbag and searching back and forth indicates that the new door in your life is opening.

To dream of your handbag being cut open by a thief with a sharp weapon indicates that some long-standing problems will be completely resolved.

To dream that you bought yourself a brand-name handbag means that you will offend others because of your preferences.

A man dreamed that he had given a designer handbag to his girlfriend, indicating that the relationship between the two parties would be in crisis.

Dreaming of buying handbags means limited profit.

To dream of losing your handbag, you should pay more attention to the relationship between colleagues. To help others is to help yourself.

When a married person dreams of losing his handbag, it indicates that there is a chance to travel, and the journey will be satisfactory.

Single people dream of losing their handbags, although there are setbacks in love luck, as long as you can persist, you will succeed in the end.

Dreaming of colorful handbags: There is a small accident, beware of liars.

Candidates dream of brightly colored handbags, indicating that their test scores are average.

A married person dreams of colorful handbags: If you are going to go far, although there are obstacles on the road, it will not affect you and you can reach the destination safely.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dreaming of handbags, on the one hand, dreaming of handbags often reflects the pressure and desires of personal identity and status. On the other hand, according to psychological analysis, like dreaming of a purse, the handbag in the dream may also have a symbol of female sexual organs. Such a dream has obvious sexual connotations.