Explanation on Dreaming of Your Ex-boyfriend!

Dreaming of quarreling with my ex-boyfriend:

Dreaming of quarreling with ex-boyfriend, as long as it is a breakup, is caused by trivial matters of life, or personality and so on. the form is usually from the initial quiz, and finally to the end of the game, eventually leading to each other in love, no At the intersection, there are only two parallel lines left. No matter who comes up first, no matter how much they end up, they will affect themselves more or less, causing harm and even leaving a shadow. It is obvious that love is deeply hated.
Naturally, good horses don't eat back, and some things are over. Maybe you will feel pity, maybe you will never forget the old feelings, but many times when you are really good, you will find that the original is no longer loved. The heat is still going to encounter the previous problems, such as quarreling. If it is good to cherish nature, why bother to hurt again? The more people can't get it, the more they feel good. Only when they really get it, they find it, but time will take everything and look forward.

Dreaming to meet with my ex-boyfriend:

Dreaming to meet with my ex-boyfriend is also a matter of considering the details of the dream. If you are happy when you meet, it means that you may still have expectations. It’s not that you haven’t given up, even if you can’t be together, you can still break up. Be friends. If you feel helpless when you meet, it means that there is still a contradiction in your heart. In fact, you are afraid that if you really meet, maybe you should do it.
I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend ignored me:
I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend ignored me. I didn’t care about it. It showed that although you dreamed of your ex-boyfriend, it’s not that you still love him and recite him. At most, it may be because in a certain environment, or A small feeling makes you think of him in your dreams. This kind of thought may be fleeting, because in the mind of the dreamer, the matter of breaking up should have been relieved, and it does not care in the dream. Is it true in reality? Can you always get stuck in your heart?
I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend ignored me. I was not willing to go and asked him to ask why. This shows that the dreamer had some doubts about the breakup. The person who usually does this kind of dream is not the main reason for breaking up. It’s all on the side of the dreamer, or because the dreamer’s heart has something to hide, and it’s a last resort. Therefore, the dreamer will have doubts, but also unwilling to be worried. At this time, in fact, you should learn to control yourself, learn to forget, and only forget the past to better pursue your future beautiful love. Not being together can only show that there is no fate between you, or that there is no reason for it. Be sure to look ahead and don't let yourself live in the shadows of the past.

Dreaming of intimacy with ex-boyfriend:

Dreaming of having sex with ex-boyfriend is not a problem of still love. For sexually mature men and women, especially for men and women who have tasted sex, sex is a physiological instinct. For men and women who are more demanding in this regard, dreaming of sex will happen from time to time, sometimes with a favorite acquaintance, sometimes with old love, sometimes with strangers who have never met.

Dreaming of kissing with ex-boyfriend:

Dreaming to kiss with ex-boyfriend, kissing shows that it is a kind of communication, not that you and your boyfriend are still broken. In fact, the break up, the feelings are hurt each other, after all, when they have been together, they are really sincere. The wounds of the soul can only be healed by heart. They can only hide themselves in the corner and slowly heal them with time. Go back to nature to heal the wounds of the soul and wait for the wound to heal. To tell the truth, I have been hurt and hurt. If I want to completely forget what is easy, there are a few people who can really forget. Maybe it is absolutely impossible, but also to lie to myself. Some memories can only be deep. It’s buried in my mind forever, just use time to slowly forget.
The ex-boyfriend here is not just a pre-boyfriend. It should be understood as the man you want to care for. You need a better man, love yourself sincerely, be able to communicate well with yourself, and be able to give yourself the love you need.

I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend came to me:
Dreaming that my ex-boyfriend came to me, should pay attention to the details of the dream, is still looking for a date to continue the front? Still just plain, it doesn't involve any emotional aspects.
If you are looking for yourself to continue the front, then you must first ask yourself the most real heart, imagine, not in the dream but in reality, if the ex-boyfriend really comes to find himself, how would he do it? Will there be a lot of fluctuations in emotions and moods? If there is, it means that you still love the man can not forget him, no matter what, after all, is the person who once gave him a happy time.

If it's just plain and doesn't involve any emotional aspects to find you, then you don't have to worry about this dream, even if the estimation in reality does not affect you.

Dreaming of ex-boyfriend:

Dreaming of ex-boyfriend does not mean that he still loves him. Many people often dream of colleagues, acquaintances, etc. in their dreams, and more than once, not love, at most because they have had thoughts, dreams are people who are left in our brains. A process of reproduction of things, some of which are relatively complete, some are just bits and pieces, some are clear, some are blurred, and some seem to happen.
Dreaming that my ex-boyfriend is dead, of course, this is not true, nor is it a curse, mainly like "death" that evokes your previous love. If it is for his death, he is not sad, meaning that the dreamer is forgetting him in the subconscious, and he hopes that he can completely forget him and make him disappear completely in the depths of his heart. If you are sad in your dreams, it means that the dreamer still misses the love that has already "dead" and regrets the feelings of the past.

Dreaming about ex-boyfriend getting married:

Dreaming about marrying my ex-boyfriend, maybe in your heart, there are still a lot of reluctance, no matter what reason and the ex-boyfriend broke up, but you should still have a lot of good memories for him, maybe some of his advantages, or His talk and manners still make you remember in your heart. People are like this. If they don't get what they don't get, they will not be reconciled. If they don't get it, they will always be good. The interpretation of a sentence that dreams of marrying a former boyfriend is a psychological compensation for one's dream that can never be realized, and nothing more. In fact, it is a hypothesis, if it was good at the beginning.

Dreaming and reconciling with my ex-boyfriend:

Dreaming and reconciling with my ex-boyfriend, is it in your heart, but also has a hint of fantasies, still thinking about returning to the ex-boyfriend in the future? After all, it used to be, not now, why should you still live in the past and live in fantasy? Being paralyzed by yourself means losing a beautiful present. Remind the dreamer to wake up, why not shout out loud, tell yourself to face the reality, believe that you will find your own love. There is a saying that you don't know whether you agree: "In many cases, although you fall in love with someone you love, you end up living with someone who loves you." This is often the case. To learn to cherish the person who loves you, people who love themselves can give themselves the happiness they want most.
No matter how much you can't forget him, advise you not to reconcile with him. After all, your former feelings have been cracked. Now even if you are well, the crack still exists. One day you will find the present feelings and the past. It’s worse than smelling. In the end, if you end up with a breakup, it’s better to keep that sweet memory and let him continue to be beautiful in your memories.
I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend beat me:
I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend beat me, asked the dreamer, did you ever have a boyfriend to beat you? No matter what the reason is, I can only show that the dream of a dreamer is a continuation of the dream (this period may be very long), I believe that no woman can endure being beaten by her own man, even if only Hit it. No matter how you feel after waking up, and whether you still have feelings for him. The current state is that he has already broken up with his boyfriend. Do you still have a little care about everything you have? The answer is no, maybe he still reveals a little thought, but you should not be blinded by illusions. For a man who has ever beaten himself, can such a man be entrusted with life? Can you be your own safe haven? Can you be your own flower ambassador? No, absolutely not.
Reminder: Since you have already broken up, you should be simple, don't listen, don't talk, don't see, ignore, don't worry. The knife is raging, and it is broken. Take care of yourself and love each other with your existing boyfriend. It is also addictive to be careful. If it is also addictive to be beaten, then it is really Zhou Yu playing Huang Gai, one is willing to fight a wish.
Dreaming about the psychological explanation of the ex-boyfriend:
Dreaming of my ex-boyfriend shows that in the mind of the dreamer, there is still a good memory left, perhaps deep in my heart, but more of a regret, and even mixed with some hate. No matter what broke up with the ex-boyfriend, but after all, I loved it and loved it. I look forward to a happy, beautiful and happy future. So in my heart, no matter love or hate, although time is a cure for everything, it will dilute everything. But it is not allowed to touch a certain nerve in the deepest part of my heart because of what, so dreaming of the ex-boyfriend is also a normal thing. Bury the past, cherish the present, and look forward to the future.
Dreaming of your old lover is a trauma to represent your present heart. This trauma will make your subconscious mind miss the most pure love relationship. Maybe you have just lost love, maybe you have some problems in your relationship now. You, so you will dream of the old lover.

  1. Dreaming of the old lover (ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend), on behalf of your heart is traumatized, this trauma will make your subconscious mind miss the most pure love relationship, maybe you have just lost love, maybe your feelings now There are just a few problems that are bothering you, so I will dream of the old lover.
  2. dreaming of arguing with the lover, indicating that the interpersonal relationship of the dreamer has a problem, and there may be disputes with friends or classmates. A worse situation may break up with a lover.
  3. dream of the lover being taken, on behalf of your love will warm up, happiness will improve, and now there is no lover, it may be the separation of people.
  4. dreaming to eat with the lover, representing the forerunner of the decline of love. The shortcomings of the other party will become more and more unacceptable, and you will feel annoyed. If you want to continue to cultivate love, the most important thing will be your tolerance.
  5. dreaming of a friend's lover, on behalf of this dream has nothing to do with your third party to become a feeling of others, but only represents you now, is in the stage of strong physiological demand, but be careful not to be deceived by rhetoric.
    6, dreaming and lover embrace, indicating that the dreamer's dependence is getting heavier, and your heart is a little uneasy, you are eager to be cared for. If you are too tight with your lover in your dreams and can't breathe, it means that you are too stressed.
  6. Dreaming and lover are silent, but there is nothing to say, on behalf of the other party, you still lack temperature, the two should be together, let the other side know more about your advantages, may wish to go short-term travel together, let the feelings warm.
  7. dreaming to eat with lovers, this is the ominous of the decline of love, on behalf of your lover will pick you up, and will make unreasonable demands, and may eventually leave you.